Two landscaping questions


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Southern Indiana
I recently moved and the new house has an Ivory colored brick. What I need to do is create an area for my wife to have some flower beds around the house. She knows she wants mulch, and I know I want a wall or edging of some sorts that is easy to mow around. Do you guys have any suggestions what I could use (color is mostly my concern) to make a wall or edging that would look good with Ivory brick?

Thanks in advance, John.


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Norman, Oklahoma
I hate plastic and I don't really like metal edging. Wood, stone or brick are all nice-looking. Wood rots and stone is not always easy to work with. So I like using various types of brick for edging. My favorite is Edgestone, which is a brick made just for edging. See the manufacturer's website:
You can get this at Home Depot and other places. The Lowe's store here had to switch to another brand after Pavestone and Home Depot made a deal. Home Depot only seems to carry the River Red or Terra Cotta colors, but they make a few other colors. I think there is a limestone (probably the color of your house) and a pewter (gray) and a charcoal (dark gray). I have used the charcoal and I like that a lot. I've had to order it by the pallet (244 bricks I think). These bricks are 4" deep, 4" high and 12" long, concave on one end, convex on the other, so they fit together well and you can make curves with them. You can also cut them with a diamond blade on a skilsaw.

Pavestone makes lots of other stuff that may work. There is another company with a similar line (Lowe's has that).
And rocks come in all colors - check out a stoneyard.

I don't have much of an eye for design. Color to go with a white house could be a critical decision. Is there some trim on the house with some color to it? You might even post a picture. Someone may have some other ideas...