Two Man Crew Gross Per Hour?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rlmlandscape, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Trying to find out from other guys what their two man crews are grossing per hour. I started my business up last year in a new state/market and came from working in a very run down/ cheap market for many year where the going rate for an acre yard was $45/cut. I advertise for high end residential landscaping and was think somewhere around $80/hr gross for a two man crew would be about average, but I'm not sure if this is two low or two high for a mowing crew. I know I should charge what I need to make after my cost but am just trying to get an idea of average since people will only pay x amount of dollars to have their yard cut each week.
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    i dont like to work by the hour :waving:
  3. rlmlandscape

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    Neither do I, but im trying to find out if a two man crew is out cutting a lawn and it takes them an hour, inlcuding collecting and disposing of lawn clipping is 80/hr fair market price or is it to cheap. Lawns are being cut with a 48" walker with one man trimming and edging. Property is blown off before and after cutting to ensure all debris is collected.
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    Hey man, new to the game here as you are aware. But I have been doing my research. You are in the ball park..70 to 80 an hour.:)
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    I have never worked with a 2nd person, so take this with a grain of salt. I work alone, and usaully do about $50-60 a hour by myself on average lawns, not high end, but decent places. Based off of that the 2nd person needs to be making you way more than $20-30 a hour to cover there cost of being there, otherwise it would be better to have 1 person work alone, and just get a bit less done per day.
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    This is a tough one, I aim for $60. I fly solo. But let me say $60. is mowing time it generally takes me 6 hours away from home to to make $240-$300. People have a hard time paying to have someone cut for a price, for me I really make money when I am doing a number of small lawns close together 3 - lawns I do right close to each other are worth $105, takes me just over an hour, then I ride for 10 min. and spent 2 1/2 hours making the same.
    I think the most important thing is to know what you need to make to pay your bills including your salaries. Once you know the bottom line of what you need to pay bills, the you can start figuring out how much profit you want to make, or what your return on investment is going to by or at least what the goal of it should be.
  7. A lot of this depends on where you live. Those prices would be on the higher end in Florida....
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    Yea, I too make my money doing installs, patios, mulch cleanups etc. I just came from working and growing up in N.J. and in my area it was extremely saturated so I have a skewed vision of what I could/ should be making up here now. I see guys like marcellos and gorries who operate out of east greenwich and the owners (granted they have about five crews going) drive around in bmws and own homes in Florida they escape to in the winter. I'm just trying to figure out what their crews are pulling in per hour so that I'm on the same pay scale as them(if you get what I'm saying). Granted some of my houses I may get 75 for a cut each week and it takes the two of us an hour, but then these homeowners spend another 600/month on average having us do other maintenance work at their property so maybe its not so bad.
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    Makes sense. If I look at it that way say my trimmer gets paid 12/hr then add on taxes so it ups it to around 15/16 hr plus the added expense of insurane for an employee maybe im profiting 12/hr off him.
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    This sounds like you don't know what you're doing.

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