two man crew vs. 3 man crew

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lech615, Nov 22, 2001.

  1. Lech615

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    OK I am not at this point yet but I am trying to make up a long and short term business plan. You know where I hope to be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc.

    My question is how many lawns on average do you expect a two man crew do be able to do each day? How many hours a day? I talking about a two man crew without you.

    Also, how much better is a three man crew than a two man crew? How many lawns should a three man crew do per day on average? How many hours?

    For you Solo guys, how many lawns do you average per day? HOw many hours do you cut each day? I will be starting out as a solo and I am trying to see how many lawns I should be able to handle solo per week.

    Once again your help is appreciated.

    Thanks guys/gals :cool:
  2. This I think is in the wrong forum.

    Your questions are to general to answer anyways.



    Push mowers

    Obviously ZTR's are going to mow faster than a push mower.

    And once again, the questions will differ from diff. areas and diff. sizes of accounts.

    So no one will be able to answer in the first place, but YOU.

    You would figure that a 2 man crew can work 3x faster than a solo.

    Adding a 3rd can not increase your speed that much more, but it can cut off the trimming and blowing time.

    But that all depends on property size.

    Is a 3 man crew going to go faster on a 5,000 sq/ft lawn than a 2 man.

    Way to many variables.

    Good luck in this quest:alien:
  3. casey

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    On small props go 2. Third guy usually ends up dragging his feet half the time.
  4. Got Grass?

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    We cannot possibly answer your question as there are way to many factors that play a role.
    But if you can answer these questions and we might be of some help.

    How long will the lawns take one man to do?
    What equipment are you useing? How big are the lawns and how many things to go arround? How much trimming? How much to blow off? How far apart?

    a 2 man crew w/o you would take longer then a 2 man crew w/ you as thay wouldnt have you hounding them about productivity.
    You sould expect it to be almost twice as fast.

    a 3 man crew would be epected to be 3 times as fast, but rarly is, unless its a big lot with all open cutting.

    w/ 2 men one can cut while other is trimming. whoever finishes first can start blowing.

    w/ a 3 man crew one cuts, one trims, and the last can help whoever takes the longest. To keep them busy have them fix stuff on truck, such as stringing trimmers, gasing stuff up, fill out time sheets/paperwork, etc... when not needed on lawns.

    If its just you solo plan on taking a lot longer then expected as customers will want to talk to you, people will want estimates, you will get breakdowns, flat tires. Plus you need to have time for paperwork, billing, estiamtes, shopping for new stuff. and time "off" from working, rarly do any of actually have time off as we are constantly thinking to ourselves about buisnesss related things.

    For a buisness plan it may be more helpfull to list how many acres you can cut a day and go from there.
  5. bubble boy

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    although the questions are too vague, i may be able to get you an idea.

    youre starting out solo, id shoot for 10 hrs a day if you have the work. much more that that and the paperwork and your personal life will suffer. 5 or 6 days a week good. dont assume 7 in your plan. probably best to have three sets of projections, low, med and high. as for revenue in your plan, decide what customers you want. big props, or little matchbox ones. when you decide what you want, find out going rates in your market. i'll risk it and say you can do 15 solo if theyre small. or 1 a day if its big enough.

    if you have no idea what type of prop you want, then decide what your market will bear vs. what you desire to earn. get a $/hr figure. then use that dollar figure to figure out revenue per day.(factor drive time if you wish) this is crude but can be used.

    using acres will work as got grass says but i find it hard to quantify acres in terms of a days work. esp. with samll props. and if you ever take your plan to a bank, hours may be easier to explain.

    then decide, or actually find out, what would you do solo with the equipment you plan for your crew in say a ten hour day. count on a one man crew doing 70-80% of that number.

    lets you add a second guy to that one man crew. expect them to not quite double their production. one guy does 7, assume 2 can do say 12.

    i agree that a three man crew is not much use unless props are large or close to one another.

    i think all ive said is relavent whether you run a 21" or a Z. having said that, does your market have both large estates and small props? if no, then you know which mower you need. if yes, decide what you want, or can afford. then base your plan on that type of operation. your plan should be concise and you should have a well defined target market. otherwise the plan will have to many factors in its predictions.

    but its good you are drafting a plan.:)
  6. Lech615

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    I didnt realize I was being to vague, sorry.

    I will be using a 36" wb mower. backpack blower, edger, and trimmer. Most of the lawns are will probably be about a 1/2 acre total.

    What I really want to know about how many lawns will be able to mow working a 10 hr day solo (with above equipment)

    Then, I hope to be able to run a crew in a few years. So I am trying to get an idea of how many lawns I will be able to get done with a crew, when I am not there. Obvisiously it will be a quicker time if I were ther, but I want use the time a two man crew without me will take.

    As for the three man crew, I was thinking about way down the line from now. Should I plan to work one crew of three or maybe two crews of two. I realize I will have to factor in more equipment and another truck if I go two crews, this is why I wanted to know how much moire productive a crew of three will be over a crew of two.

    I know you can't give me exact amounts, but if you could try and give me a ballpark figure it would graetly. Maybe, just let me know how you guys do it.

    Thanks again
  7. beck

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    As many have said before me there are a lot of variables. The other day I was out collecting leaves, in a neighbourhood with about 5-7000 sq ft. lawns.
    I have one helper we were on yards requiring a walk behind. We did 4 yards and the front of another in about 6.5 man hours.

    Another company came in while we were there with two trucks + trailers one with four guys and equipment and the other guy hauled all of the yard waste. They did 1 yard and the front of another in just under an hour so about 4.5 man hours for 1.5 yards.
    In this situation I would have to say I am coming out way ahead of him.
    I have run a crew of five when we had all acre+ lots in one neighbourhood. Two Ztrs 3 guys blowing back packs and w/b.(for leaves) Otherwise gets cut with 3 man crew

    If you have a lot medium to large size properties close together three would be better than two, but if the properties are spread out two would be better.
  8. Lech615

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    Beck, I am basically talking about mowing, not during leaf season.

    PRECISION LC LawnSite Member
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    i have been a solo crew for the past two years and i have grown into a fairly good size for the amount of time i have. i run basically all that you run but i have a 48" wb w/ a velke. i can do 10-12 yards a day and they are on average 18000 sq. ft. i have also found out it also depends on, what kinda mood your in, i know it sounds weird, but it is true. if your energetic or tired. normally i go at a good pace, fast enough to make good time, and slow enough to do a good job. but like i said i averages out to be about 10-12 a day.
    hope thats some help
  10. I would seriously coinsider a 48" W/B and use a 2 man crew. Keep the 36" for the gates.

    You could do 15 to 20 with very little drive time.

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