Two Nice Residential JD's or One Commerical JD?!

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by JDz425, Jul 29, 2012.

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    My friend who helps me with lawns and landscaping is looking to trade maybe with like 1,000 with it, his (sorry i dont really know what year this tractor is but its ion great condiction) maybe 2001 or newer JD 335 88.5 hours on it, hydrolic lift deck,power steering, snowblower,the front implements are also hydrolic lift,20 HP kolher V-Twin, oh and a 44" Peria Deck (mulching deck) and a 2011 JD Z445 Zeroturn mower 27 HP Briggs, The edge 54" deck, 70 hours, nice and in good condiction. He wants to trade both of them in for a brand new JD Commerical X700 or X900 Seris commerical zero turn mower with 52" deck,mulch on demand, kolher 27 or more HP. He really wants the commerical mower but I keep telling him that I would rather have two nice working tractors then one commerical mower. I want to know Lawnsites members views on what to do? Any help would be apprectaited. Sorry if some words are spelled wrong Im tired and its dark.
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    As a business owner, I personally would take one commercial piece of equipment over two residentials because the commercial equipment will last longer than the other two combined and can handle the abuse that constant work puts on it with much less problems.
    If you are comparing normal front engined tractors with steering wheels, to zero turns, keep in mind, the zero turn mowers will in most situations out produce the tractor type mowers.
    I am assuming the mowers are being used every day?

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