Two or Three man crews

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nfarr, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. nfarr

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    I started my lawn mowing service last year. We passed out 3000 fliers and got 12 weekly customers, avg size between 8 -11K.

    This year we have passed out another 3K and have signed up an additional 18 for a total of 30, We are also doing spring cleanups, mulch and edging. We are also doing a direct mail peice that will hit 50K homes May 1st. I was doing all the work myself this last year. This year is another story.

    My question is, based on the above sized lawns, do three or two man crews cutting grass work better ? assuming all members of group can mow, trim, edge equally well.
  2. wojo23323

    wojo23323 LawnSite Senior Member
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    2 man crews are the best for res. Usually with 3 you'll have 1 person standing around at the end.
  3. dKoester

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    Yes I agree. Highly skilled 2nd man.
  4. Damian

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    I would have to say three is the best number, if for no other reason, one man gets sick or can't come in one day, you still have a good shot at getting the days work done.
  5. Toad

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    Two guys is perfect for us. Not much trimming to do anymore , because of the z turns. We tend to need opperators for mowers more than anything. Just today we did a res that takes 2 guys 5 hrs on 60" zero 's , and 30 minuites trimming. A third wheel would be just that, no help.
  6. LLandscaping

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    I think the size of your crew depend on what services your company provides. We do mainly full service landscape service; we maintain the shrubs, fertilize, control weeds in beds, cut lawn etc. In our situation we could use a third man to trim shrubs, spray beds, etc. while the other two mow the lawn.
  7. JJLandscapes

    JJLandscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    1 man weedwacks
    1 man cuts back
    1 cuts front...... whichever mower gets done first they start working on beds

    by the time the second guy is done mowing the weedwacker starts the back and he starts blowing the front

    by the time beds and backayrd are done the back gets blown and theres almost no downtime they can take a drink for 30 seconds and chill

    or blocks with multiple houses 2 man crew wont get it done anywhere even close to a 3 man crew

    we switched from me and my partner to getting a 3rd man and we ended up going home between 130-3pm everyday instead of 5pm when it was a 2 man crew and 10x less tired so i could function and still maintain some sort of social life
  8. JCee

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    from NY
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    Yeah for spring cleanups which we are doing right now around me a 3 man crew works out great....One to blow out beds, one to rake and pick up misc sticks and debris, and one to dethatch. When the third starts to dethatch, the stick guy can get up and start mowing....By the end if anyone is standing around they load the trailer or pick up anything that they see....Its amazing how much better you can make a job look if you spend an extra 5-10 minutes cleaning up.....
  9. rodfather

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    Size of the crew depends on the size of the properties, simple enough. I run 3 man maintenance crews (2).
  10. old dog 80

    old dog 80 LawnSite Member
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    We have areas where 2 are best,others where 3 are best,others where 4 are best.More people on crews when we have big resi's(30k or more ) packed
    together.Time of year also has an impact on crew size.

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