Two pumps, One well-point

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    I currently have a shallow well (22'). My well pump is feed by two 1.25" well points connected at a "T". I want to install an irrigation system with an irrigation pump. My current pump just doesn't have the power needed for irrigation, but it is good for general watering.

    So, I want to tap into my current well at some point. There would be two pumps on the well points, but they would not be run simultaneously.

    I'm thinking I tap in just above the "T" from the two well points, but where would I locate the check valves to make sure one pump doesn't remove the priming water from the second pump.

    Or, am I just going the the completely wrong direction?
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    Interesting that they had to do to Wellpoints

    Generally speaking with wells and pumps you really don’t want a customized set up. A standardized method will help everyone in the long run

    I actually can’t picture what you are proposing .

    What is your current flow output and pressure ? You might be surprised how a properly designed system can handle low flow and low pressure wells . You might be able to install a system with no extra pumps or major system
    Setups .

    One common method

    1 ). The well pump , pumps water into a
    Holding tank . For residential I typically see a 500-2000 gallon holding tank . From there a second centrifugal pump typically 1-2 horsepower takes water out of here and supplies the irrigation system
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    If you plan to add a larger pump, why not discontinue using your current pump altogether?
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    We do quite a few well systems on big properties. I would personally go with a storage tank with a float. Fill line fills the cistern, then a centrifugal pump feeds the irrigation lines. We just installed a 30k gal tank with a 7.5 HP SPD for a house we are working on.
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    It's a nice project! Our wells are pretty deep (840 feet) and even with a 5HP pump this one might get up to 22 gpm open flow. Coupled with watering restrictions, an acre worth of rotors and a bunch of drip, we would pretty much be watering 24/7 in August if we were well pump only. Plus it's a lot better for the root systems to water more deeply less often.
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