Two questions, strange things from TTHP w/ kawi

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lawncuttinfoo, Jun 6, 2008.

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    First, when at full throttle it sounds like I am messing with the throttle control pushing it up and down like every 2 seconds, like it wont stay at full, This is just the sound, the throttle stick is at full. This only happens when it is on the colder side less than 70 probably.

    Second, it is an electric start and the other day and ever since when I turn the key off it remains running for 1-2 secs, it used to shut off immediately.
  2. JoeinJasper

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    My Kawasaki did the same thing...mechanic said it was the governor or the carb had some trash in it. Try running some carb cleaner through the fuel system.

    Mine would also 'run on'. This is caused by carbon build up in the cylinder. Replace the spark plugs and run a fuel system cleaner - I use Sea Foam.
  3. bojodunk

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    When was the last time you cleaned out
    the cooling fins and ducting on your motor
    could be running hot
    is your choke fully open if slightley closed
    it would make the motor surge as you discribed
    (check the easy things first)

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