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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mrossirr, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. mrossirr

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    First question - For those of you that do service only, what insurance do you carry and how much?

    Second question - Which locator should I buy , the Greenlee 521A or the Pro Tech - Pro 700 ?

    Tanks in advance

  2. Mike Leary

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    I carry two million; one can do a lot of damage, even on a service call. Safeco has taken good care of all our stuff over the years.
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  3. NC_Irrigator

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    1 Million W/ 3 Million Aggregate

    I use the pro tech, i like its long wand.

    I also have the progressive with no problems. Ive got the 501, 521, 528 & The A Frame Locater which i cant remember the model #.

    I also keep a schonstedt ga-52 metal detector in the truck for locating property line irons.
  4. 1idejim

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    buy both, that's what i did.

    my favorite is the tr4110 which is no longer in production, it is a peak locator and i use it to flag wire paths, it's faster.

    the 521 is my favorite locator when it comes to finding solenoids and is a good all around locating tool. my 521 is the older style that has the short wand.

    i have a pro 600 that i bought new for about $400.00, it has seen little use and is on loan to some friends right now. the pro 600 was engineered and manufactured by some former tempo employee's that wanted to make a life change and run their own company. they are now called armada.

    the pro 600 was meant as a backup locator for me, just in case my 521 went down. so far the pro 600 has seen less than 4 hrs. action (prolly 1-1/2).

    the weak point of both locators is the head phones. the new 521's have the exterinal speaker so the head phones are no longer a problem.

    ask yourself how much you will use the locator and that should tell you how much you'll want to spend.

    good luck with your choice
  5. DanaMac

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    Two million. One of the banks I work for requires two, and it doesn't raise my rate much anyhow.
  6. ARGOS

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    2 Million. Everyone used to be happy with 1 million, but alas those days are gone. I have one Fed contract and they require 2. I guess the banks do too.

    I have used Safeco, Allied, Progressive, Trans, and companies I have forgotten. I have paid my premiums and never had a claim, so I can't comment on their service. You never really know how good your insurance is until it is put to the test. I actually have a good relationship with a dependable insurance broker I can trust. Took some time, but it was worth the pencil pushing to make sure I was getting reliable insurance coverage while still paying reasonable premiums.

    Part of my confidence in my insurance broker is that they will only shop companies that will deliver in a pinch. I don't want the coverage just to be a binder, I want to make sure it will deliver.

    I will leave the locators to Jim.

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    Carried liability for one year and then said screw it after I went through the book audit. Felt like the govt was on my azz or something. So I dumped all the work that required liability insurance and stuck strictly to homeowners. Since it was just me most of the time and I didn't have my head up my azz I figured it was worth the risk. Biggest danger is getting nailed by a teenager at a crosslight and I have insurance for that.

    Either stay really small or get really humongous. The guys in the middle get slaughtered because they can't spread the costs of being in business out enough.

    No lectures please. I never had to deal with a claim in 30 years of business. Never got nailed by a teenager either. Just got bit by a friggin misquito.
  8. Tom Tom

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  9. DanaMac

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    Heck I don't know if either of my 521s work anymore. Rarely use them. And I don't think we used them last year at all.
  10. Wet_Boots

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    Splurge on some new batteries. Some years, I spent more on detector batteries than I got back in usage.

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