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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by djmyers, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. djmyers

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    Which site has a good grasp of creating an e-brochure? Any recommendations? Thanks...
    Recommendation for Logo's. Would like to create my own instead of using a canned logo. I'll use the logo on Bus. Cards. Stationery, website etc. Would you know of a designer you could refer or a software package you could suggest.

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  2. tonygreek

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    Would you mind clarifying a couple of things?

    When you say "e-brochure", do you mean a downloadable/email'able file, such as a PDF, that you can send to prospective clients and be downloaded from your web site? If so, are you wanting to create it yourself or are you looking for a service to do it for you?

    Logo-wise, there are a variety of services. If you don't want to go with a local, there are crowd-sourcing sites such as,,, and

    Unless you have legitimate graphic design skills, I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, but it also comes down to what your budget is. 99 out of 100 times I can tell when an LCO has done a DIY effort or had their local sign shop try their hand at it, so if you can hire, or source, a legitimate graphic designer, you should do so.
  3. djmyers

    djmyers LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Tony for your input. What I mean by a "e-brochure" is a simple one page website. I don't have graphic skills so i would pay to have my logo professionally designed. Thanks for the links.
  4. GreenUtah

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    be sure to get your logo from whoever creates it in a vector, layered file with the fonts, like an .ai (Adobe Illustrator) format. Why? so that it can scale cleanly and be used everywhere you need it to go, online and off. A LOT of offshore providers (and even some locals) will just hand over a .jpg or .png flattened file for cheap jobs and while that may work for the current single thing you're building, it won't even come close to serving your future needs.

    Why do they do that? To capture you as a client, of course. Under the guise of convenience, they'll just say, "Just tell me what size you need for anything else and we'll make that for you". With an additional charge, of course...and that's if they are there when you go back with your next need. Get the original, layered files and fonts. Always. Even if it means paying more upfront.

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