Two Toro model 30197's (1998 and 2005)

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by topsites, Jul 11, 2005.

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    How do you like the 05? How much did it cost you? How is the deck?

  3. topsites

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    It is VERY nice, I used it through the spring rush but have it off production now since things are slower, putting the hours back on the '98.

    What I liked:
    The rubber chute! I took the steel one off the '98 (cauz you hit a tree with it...the rubber one bends).
    It's FASTER and has a LOT more power. It increased my production by 20 to 25 percent, from a peak of 8 yards/day to 10.
    The blade-belt is now all one piece, no more dual belt stuff.
    The one-piece blade-belt no longer slips off when you disengage (the '98 has the deck cover permanently removed - it's because the belt likes to come off when disengaged, the new one does NOT do it).
    The blade-engagement mechanism underneath the deck cover is better, and one less zirc to grease as well. In addition, the belt travel path looks improved to me.

    What I did not like:
    For some reason, the front is considerably heavier. Far as curb-jumping, it's no big deal and it's kinda cool that it doesn't rear itself in the air as quick (the '98 is highly capricious) but when you gotta lift the deck, it is HEAVY.

    What they didn't fix / improve:
    The stupid plastic nuts (called knob handles) which hold the deck cover down cost 3 dollars each at the stealership and still break very easily. A quick trip to Lowe's / Home Depot for some steel wing-nuts and washers (cost about 10 cents each) fixes this, but they could've done something about this in the past 7 years.
    The blade-engagement lever at the bottom still rubs on the transmission's left-side drive shaft - no big deal, it apparently never wears out but it bugs me.
    The spring on the rubber chute is as useless as the spring on the steel one. I removed it so when I need to, I can flip the chute over top of the deck and it actually stays there - With spring in place, it always flips back down and will aggravate you when you try to get through a tight fit. Without the spring, the chute stays in either position just fine, it might flap a bit but even with the hardest bumps, it doesn't bounce out of position.

    Other than that, they are the same machine.

    Overall, the new 30197 kicks tail at a basic price of $2,800 but I also got the velke (+300) and you don't see it in the pictures but I bought a 300-dollar striping kit as well, so all in all (with tax), the machine cost 3,600 dollars, 2000 of which still needs paying.

    Next time I buy a 30197 thou, I'm getting the proslide and saving myself 400 bucks.
  4. Lawnworks

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    My guys absolutely hate the controls for our Toro walk-behind. The Hustler walk behind is definately our favorite.
  5. S man

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    Big difference with them. one looks like crap and the other is going to look bad when it get's put through use.
  6. topsites

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    LOL the '98 has a LOT of wear and tear, I bought it used 2.5 years ago from another lawncare service which ALSO used it every day. That wb takes the brunt of the business because I won't take the new one to some my tougher jobs (afraid it might get hurt, hehe), so the '98 takes the tough jobs and runs full-time on minimum maintenance - A true testament to the durability of these beasts, the '98 likely has 4,000 yards under her belts.
    I put my wb's through the woods and the sticks sometimes, and they put up with a LOT of abuse as well, I love a sporty mower I can do stunts with.
    Unfortunately I learned a hard lesson in my earlier years, I would take the Wb's to the manual car wash to spray them off and get them clean, but that's half the reason the '98 looks so sad, the high-power nozzles take a toll.

    Believe it or not, the '05 cut several hundred yards and never got washed and it DID look bad but at the same rate, I now believe frequent washing is not good, either. However, I took sponge and soap to it about 30 mins before the pics and the look you see is NOT the look of a machine straight from the dealer, it does have some use to it, just not 1000's of hours. They stay like that for about a year, maybe two, then the paint is dull.

    Still the '98 is a great machine, it doesn't scream like it used to as a 5-year old (when I first bought it), but it still cuts mean grass. Hopefully I can sell it next year so I can buy another new one (which will be the last of that for 2-3 years).
  7. J&R Landscaping

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    I love operating the Toro T-BAR mowers but how does that enigne hold up. I've always been running only kawsaki and have never prefered kohler! How many hours does the engine on the 98 have on it and it is still the original engine or not? Also have you had to do any major repairs or overhauls to it?
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    Looks good, I am having a hard time deciding between another wright stander or a proline.
  9. CrewCutEnterprises

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    South Florida...

    Depends on your use. If you have a wright stander you know they have pro's and cons. I was going to switch but price wise, 6k verse a belt drive fixed deck toro or exmark is only 2700.00. Im buying 2 new fixed deck mowers next week, i think toro, I have a 99 that is on the 2nd motor. And it still cuts everyday along with our 62 inch Z mower.

    Depends on where when and why you want one.. Now my old toro dealer sucks.. my new one is great.. they also sell exmark.. and guarentee next day parts....
  10. kirk brown

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    there still kinda pretty,
    even when there all beat up.:)

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