Two Way Sulky Set Up

In a used mower deal over this winter I aquired a nearly new toro standard sit down<br>sulky. Since I added a 15 acre athletic field<br>school district job I had to put this sulky<br>into service.<p>I first decided to just weld a piece of plate<br>steel with a hole in it right to the sulky<br>plate above the attachment for the stand on<br>sulky (diamond plate turf rider).<p>Two problems with this set up 1. the front of the sulky (sit down) is a little too high 2. you<br>can't fold the stand up sulky against the mower for the hitch for the sit down sulky is in the way.<p>Yesterday I took the machines in question to<br>my friend who originally did the welding and<br>cut off that hitch (peice of steel with a hole in it)then welded another piece of plate steel to the back of the hitch.<br>We then took the piece of round bar stock<br>that holds the stand on sulky to the mower then<br>drilled two holes thru the round bar stock<br>then thru the plate steel (hitch) so the<br>hitch (sit down)can be attached to any<br>of my four mowers buy just installing two<br>bolts with nylon insert nuts. <p>This gives me the option of using two turf rider stand on sulkys or a toro sit down<br>sulky on any of my machines I have in sevice<br>by just turning two bolts.<br>


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Stone:<br>Did you see Snapper new &quot;bicycle&quot; style stand-up sulky. It works just like Jungle Wheels, except you can sit down at any time.<br>Ran one today, worked pretty &quot;snappy&quot;.

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