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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Waterlogged, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Waterlogged

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    Just thought you TX guys would like to know that there is a new policy that went into effect in August.

    All new irrigation licenses require a background check now. (This also applies to backflow testers, customer service inspectors and irrigation inspectors).

    And every renewal is considered to be a "new" license, so this would apply to all renewing irrigator's, too.

    The main reason I'm bringing this topic up is that the renewal process will take longer now, with this new requirement. So, if you usually wait until the last minute to send in your stuff, or to renew, you might want to reconsider that method.

    If you send your renewal request in at the last minute and the background check takes awhile, and is not processed by your renewal date, you will be without a license to work. You will have to wait until the background check is done and paperwork processed. Don't be caught without a license because of this new requirement.

    Here is a link to the new regulation: http://www.tceq.texas.gov/licensing/criminal-conviction-notification

    There is a guideline on this page that lists the specific crimes that would prohibit renewal for each type of license.

    But, when you fill out the form, be sure to include ALL information. Don't forget to include that time that you were arrested for something 20 yrs ago that you think doesn't apply now. It does. Be sure to tell all information and explain things. It can be considered a felony if you don't list everything that applies.

    We've been told that there is a very large number of renewal applications that have been red-flagged and pulled out of the process because information didn't match. These renewals will take much longer.

    We've also been told that you should send in your renewal 40 days before your renewal date, but not sooner. There is a backlog right now.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Wet_Boots

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    If an arrest can prevent anyone from obtaining a license, under the new rules, expect a court challenge.
  3. 1idejim

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    I am sure that if any state really wanted to prevent an irrigator from becoming licensed they would forget about the background check and require a spelling test instead.
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  4. greenmonster304

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    Well there goes 75% of the work force.
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  5. Wet_Boots

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    Most work applications had the arrest/conviction portion, and the honest/flexible answer was to state that there were no convictions aside from traffic tickets (and yes, when you sign the back of a traffic ticket and mail in the check, you have pled guilty to an offense)
  6. Duekster

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    Thanks for the info.
    I just paid my $3.75 and found something I forgot about. It was when I was a minor over 30 years ago.

  7. Kiril

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    Usher in the police state.
  8. txirrigation

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    I am clean homies.

    Guess that MIP in college didn't get on my record.
  9. Anton Chigurh

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    Any idea on what they are looking for? It won't affect me, other than renewing a little earlier, but I am curious as to what past offenses would constitute refusal to grant an irrigator's license.

    Is it just an effort to enforce unpaid traffic citations, outstanding warrants, failure to pay chiild support, etc?
  10. No Rush

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    After renewing my backflow license, it only took three days. I have a clean background. I guess if there is something you don't report it will take longer.

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