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    When I was looking for a hedge trimmer, it was between the hs 45 and the one you got. I ended up going with the hs 45 because it has a 27 cc engine and the 56 has a 21. I have found that the hs 45 has the biggest engine on a hedge trimmer that i have seen so far. It has more than enough power. Im not saying yours is underpowered tho. I would rather have the 56 sometimes because it has a much bigger cutting bar and it is a lot lighter. So far im very happy with mine, and i hope that you are happy with yours too. Good luck man.


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    I would stay away from Sears Home Depot or lowes models. A commercial brand will cost more up front but will outlast the others and you will not spend as much time or money on repairs
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    That's exactly why I bought the 56Â…less user fatigue.:weightlifter:
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    Why not just get the hedge trimmer head for the stihl FS90 trimmer? Or is it too big to use realistically?

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