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double e

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lewes, delaware
I was looking to subscribe to some lawn maintenance magazines.
could some one please give me some names and possible web site to order- or numbers

thank you for your replies

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
We both posted at the same time, several are listed in my last post above.


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I also get a free magazine called "Athletic Turf".

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
What I'd like to see is a mag or more articles geared more towards the residential side of LMOs. I currently get Lawn & Landscape and Turf mags and it seems everything in them is about golf courses or million dollar plus companies. How about some profiles about 1,2 and 3 man companies? Or some articles on lawm mowing techniques or line trimming? Maybe they could pick one mower each month and show how to do the maintenace on it, both regular and long term?

I think probably the majority of users here at Lawnsite are catagorized in the "under million dollar" companies.

That guy from Turf mag said that they were going to try to do some performance testing of mowers but that they were not going to do any testing on the mowers that were obviously junk.

Why not?

What is obvious to Turf mag may not be obvious to the guy just starting out. Or to me. Or to you.

I understand the principle behind a audited magazine which is what these free mags are. The magazines are free because the advertisers pay for it instead of the readers and the publishers of the magazines have to prove readership in order to justify their advertising rates.

Wanna have more subscriptions Turf Magazine? Put more articles in your mag for the small guy. I can very well assure you that there are considerably more minnows in the pond than 10 pound fish.

Old Guy

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Jackson, MI
I clicked on the Turf subscription at the top of the page about two months ago. Can anyone tell me how often Turf is published and if two months is a reasonable time to wait?

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
Hey Richard. Believe it or not I got my turf magazine the day after I subscribed to it on the internet! I was suprised and impressed!Sounds like you are not having my luck though. I would definitely resubscribe...


It's Jim at TURF Magazine (yea, that guy from TURF).

To Richard Martin: More articles on smaller companies? Well, ok then. I thought we were doing that ... but that's my perception from here. If readers don't think we are serving them properly, I'll get together with my editorial guys and fix that.

To: Richard Doemland: If you are getting impatient, call Kelley at our office at 800-422-7147. She'll check on your subscription ... and if there is a hang-up, she'll send you the newest issue and get the subscription straightened out.

Later ...

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