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    Thanks for the confirming my suspicions about this. Wood mulch (particuliarly the shredded pallet material) has become popular in my area in the last couple of years. I tend to like a good quality natural bark mulch rather than the red dyed pallet material, but one of the largest complaints I have heard about the bark mulch (other than the color fading) is the odor. Do any of you guys know and/or use a product that would neutralize the smell of fresh mulch? It does not bother me, but I know several people who do not freshen their mulch as often as they would like due to the ammonia odor it emits.
    Also, has anyone used bark mulch that has been "color enhanced"? The same coloring process as the colored pallet mulch is used on bark mulch (except in lower dye concentrations) to enhance the looks and provide longer-lasting color for the bark. If anyone has come across this, please let me know what your experience with this particuliar type of product.

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