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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ipm, Jan 18, 2003.

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    I have an old 100 gallon sprayer and I need a new pump. The pump on it now, is a roller pump. /i would like to use a different type. Does anybody know what type I need? Shopping prices >Lesco wants 600+ I will check the link left on the other thread, any other thoughts would be appreciated.
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    If your spraying lawns I would strongly recommend the Roller pump. Why you say? Well lesco for some reason sells the D-19 or D-30 (they also sell the rollers but just don't stock them at least not the local stores here) these are medium pressure pumps. If your spraying lawns you do not need this pressure. Roller pumps offer a lower PSI but you get more GPM. Check hypros website they will tell you www.hypropumps.com look for the model 4001 and 4101 in the silver series.
  3. www.dultmeier.com

    They can get you any parts, and all hypro pumps.

    Order on Moday at your door Wednesday.

    Roller is a good idea but the cost for a good roller pump that is resistant (silver cast) to the chems we use is about the same price as the diaphramg pump. Then you have to add a regulator and more plumbing.

    The D252 should do you just great at $372 with the regulator and gear box.
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    I like Greensman reasoning. High volume pump will recalculate and keep your tank stirred. Low pressure helps with over spray and drift.

    Low pressure with big droplets stays wetter longer. Bigger droplets seam to me to give quicker response. More time for the leaf to absorb I think. But I have no real proof of this only what I see.

    I use both the D 30 and the D19. Diaphragms are a pain to replace and they go out all the time. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
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    If you are looking for a great deal on a hypro pump, call Sprayer Solutions. 317 769 2288. They handle diaphram and roller type pumps and also just about any part you would need. Small business but great service. They will ship anywhere. I have used them many times.
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    For general lawn spraying especially for volumes of 3-4 gals per thousand, the Hypro centrifugal pumps work really well. Cost 150-160 aproximately. The centrifugal is lower pressure, but is much more chemical and fertilizer resistant than the roller pumps.

    Austreim Landscaping
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    I guess you might as well asked what mower should I buy? LOL I have used diaphram pumps only D-30 & D-19. Have had to replace diaphrams but its just maint. What ever you get I would run regulator. That will allow you to run at consistant low pressure. As far as high pressure, you never know when you might want some. IE tree spray, algae on the house, etc.
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    I use a D-30 Diaphram pump. I love it, I use it for fertilizing and for termite & pest control treatments. I like the ability to turn the output down and put most of the pressure out of the pump into the tank to keep it agitated good.

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