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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by gregp, Feb 15, 2005.

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    I am going to buy a tractor but am not sure the tire type to get. I will have a harley power rake, tiller and box blade, and a loader. Should i go with the industrial tires or the turf tires. I dont believe i will do much wok on established gras but i might. How do the industrial tires work on grass? I have decided against the ag tires for sure.
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    Depends alot on the weight of your tractor and how much turning you do. Driving straight on grass wont generally be any worse than driving a vehicle on it. Once you start making sharp turns, the R4s (industrials) will start to tear the grass up some. It wont destroy the roots but will tear it up on the surface, so it will grow back without reseeding. If the ground is soft or the grass is wet, obviously the collateral damage is going to be worse.
    I would say go for the R4s if you are going to be doing alot of dirt work. Just driving across a lawn a couple times with R4s isnt going to tear it up. Its repeated driving and turning, especially if its wet, that will tear the lawn up.
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    I have turf tires on my machines and it's the way to go if you plan on any established turf work! Not only is water and weight an issue, 4 WD and tight turns can really tear things up! We do construction,lawn care and snow with the turf tires! The rear firestones last us around 800 hours, the front carlisles last about 400 hours! Loader work on asphalt eats the fronts up fast!
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    I got turfs on my Kubota. The fronts are about shot. The rears are fine. It had 375 hours on it. I also do a lot of work on asphalt. Either plowing snow or scooping up materials dumped on a driveway.

    The R-4 can work on grass, but are almost as bad as turfs in mud. R1 are the only tire really good on dirt and mud. But will tear up grass real fast.
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    This doesen't seem to be a problen on my Kubota bx 23.
  6. Itsgottobegreen

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    The tires on a BX are not true R1. They are wide bar tires. So basically have the flotation of a turf tire with the traction of a R4. Since they do not have a very deep tread.

    Real R1 with its narrow profile sink right in to soft ground has great traction, but have no flotation.
    Turf tire with its wide profile won't since into soft ground has great flotation but have no traction.
    R4 tires have the best of both worlds. Traction and flotation.

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