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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Atlantic Lawn, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Atlantic Lawn

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    Can anyone tell me why some blades have a beveled cutting edge most of the way down the blade and others have a cutting edge only about three inches from the tip ?
  2. BobR

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    Sure, the blade that is sharpened for most of its length is supposed to be a type of 'mulching blade', the theory is that when the blade of grass is cut it is suspended momentarily above the rotating cutting blade and when the grass particle is passed from one cutting chamber to another or falls back through the path of the cutting blade it is chopped up into smaller pieces so that it will disperse into the lawn easier.
    Personal opinion - I don't see any advantage - but then I only side discharge (don't have mulching baffles). My favorite blade is 'high lift'.
  3. TLS

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    Definately makes a difference in long thick grass or mowing at high speeds.

    The short sharpened ones will do fine for normal (whats that?) growth and normal (whats that) speeds!

  4. gogetter

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    You're pretty happy with those Excaliburs?
    I have the standard blades that came with my mower, a set of gators and the mulch blades that come with mulch kit.

    I'd like to experiment with some others.
  5. TJLC

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    I run the factory mulch blades with my Exmark mulch kit. I also want to try different blades with the kit. I'm curious how the Gators, standard hi-lift and Excaliburs work with the kit. Thanks for any help in this area.
  6. TLS

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    Yes, I like the notched Excaliburs the best. After a few trys between the solid Ex's and the Notched Ex's, I think I'm favoring the notched for heavy growth.

    As for what to use with the Mulch kit. I cant say, as I don't think mulching would ever work for me, as I'm always cutting at least 3+" of grass off, and cutting at 3.5" cut height. Those two conditions would NEVER in a 1000 years work with a mulch kit.

    Good luck, other people always said that the factory wavy mulch blades worked best for mulching. If your going to try Gators, make sure its the Magnums or the Hi Lift Gators! Regular Gators just don't have enough suction.

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