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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Revival1906, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Revival1906

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    Any advice on how I may become knowledgeable on types of grass? Know of any sites that have pictures to go along with descriptions?
  2. huh

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    there was a great site someone has posted on here from Purdue U., but I can't find the link now :(

    If anyone has it I would love the link again

    hope things are going well Rev. :)
  3. Grits

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    There is a book that can be purchased at Lowe's. Ortho's All About Lawns. It is only $15 and has info on types of grass, weeds, disease, bugs, fertilizing, aerating, etc. For the price, it is a good buy. Very informative, especially for newbs. I have had it for a couple weeks and enjoy it. It is fun to take the book and analyze your own yard with it. Identifying weeds and such.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Here ya go! When I found this from another poster I put it in my favorites list right away.

  5. BarefootLandGroup

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    My vote is also for the book. Ortho has a good one, and Scott's has one that is a little more up to date.

    I like the book due to the fact that you can take it with you, and when you see something that you are unsure of, you can simply pull it out of the dash and look it up.

    It has helped me a number of times.

    Amazon.com has Ortho and Scott's book in a package for $25. Sounds like a steal to me.....
  6. VPC

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  7. o-so-n-so

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    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Hey Grits--- as a pro LCO you should never admit to weeds in your own yard:laugh: :laugh: :)
  9. fiveoboy01

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    I bought the Scott's book when I was starting out.

    Haven't dug into it a whole lot, as I'm not yet into weed control or fertilization services.
  10. Grits

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    :laugh: I know...but hey, my yard has come a LONG way since I have been here. At least it has grass now. It was like a weed infested desert. I knew someone would bust me on it!:drinkup:

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