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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tugglelandscaping86, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. tugglelandscaping86

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    I'm about to have a new trailer built and its an Eagle so hopefully those are good trailers. Their all built with same material. One question is should I get a 7x16 or 8.5x16. The price is $2750 for 7 wide and $3350 for 8.5 wide. I can get a 5000 lb ramp for 75 more. It already has side vents but can add a roof vent for $35, I live near all the manufacturers near ocilla and the other counties that everyone in the country gets theirs from. The side door is standard 36" and height is 6' at opening and 6'6" in the interior. It would also have a v nose.
  2. Sprinkler Buddy

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    Have them put a fuel door in the middle. Works great filling up the ZTR's. I would go with the stouter ramp door, well worth the investment.
  3. GQLL

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    If you run 60s you will want the 8.5 by the time you put the mower in and the racks on the wall it makes it tight to walk around in a 7 foot wide
  4. clydebusa

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    ^^^ what all they said ^^^^ Prob should make it 18' long while you are at it :)
  5. KrayzKajun

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    Also look at upgrading to 5200# axles. Best upgrade I made to my 18 enclosed.
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  6. DuallyVette

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    Heavier ramp door
    8.5 feet wide
    heavier axles- My 1st enclosed trailer had 2 3500# axles. just hauling mowers around town I bent a couple before replacing them with 6000lb axles. Now I always get 7000lb with 16 inch wheels. The tires are much better than a 15 inch tires.
    I like a thicker skin. the .020, .030 stuff looks like aluminum foil. It flutters in the wind. .040 is fine. I put some new .060 on my 1998 gooseneck enlosed trailer, which was looking pretty ratty a couple of years ago.
    My 20 foot tag-along trailer started out at $5000 and with options went to $11,000
  7. 205mx

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    Holy heck you guys spending 11,000 on trailers.
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  8. Landrus2

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    I have a trailer that the company made them so we'll that they went under :waving:
  9. tugglelandscaping86

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    Wow that's a lot. I was just thinking of doing the basic 7x16 with 3500 lb axles..its 2750 which isn't bad then adding the HD ramp is an extra $75 and the axles to upgrade to 5200 was an extra $500. I was thinking about just trying to spend $3000 or a little more..I am still keeping my opening trailer which is a 16 footer. We don't have any hills or anything here just flat. And I'm still deciding between 7 and 8.5 wide.
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  10. GQLL

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    8.5x18 5200 pound axles 3/4 quater plywood walls extended tounge and rear rollers with va sales tax came out to 5500 for a pace American. These additional options are cheap from the factory vs upgrading later. 150 for the extended tounge and 250 for the 5200 over the 3500 axles.

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