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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Since some of you have wondered why we get frustrated and behind in our schedule, here is one reason. Call came in from existing customer about 10 days ago for a broken sprinkler head due to the dog. Said it was shooting up in the air. I go there today to replace it, turn on the controller (Orbit) and nothing turns on. Try another zone, nothing. Go to the PVB, water is not turned on. Tell the wife this, she lets me in to turn water on. Get outside, split in copper and ball valve. Go down stairs, turn off. Back up, make repairs. Whew... out of breath.

    Back down, turn on. Back up, check it out. Fine at PVB. irritrol solenoid frozen and popped out. Replace, get working. Three rotors are actually broken. Not one, but three. Replace, turn on, adjust. Crap - now I lost my Irritool. Walk around twice, no deal. Tell customer all is done, will send invoice because now I am an hour behind.

    So much for replacing one head, dontcha think.
  2. DanaMac

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    Oh and it's raining heavily on the south east part of town that we rarely work. One tech has one appointment down there, and he can't make repairs due to soldering, and rain is heavy. So now when can I get him back down there? We probably won't be in that area for 2-3 WEEKS.

    Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! At least now I'm ahead and it's raining. Came home for lunch and phone calls for a bit. Back out in a few........
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    I really dont see a lot irrigation work down in my neck of the woods but i do get a call evey once in a while and it always seems to be more then what the home owner thinks like you said, Example that last call i got the lady calls and says my sprinklers arn't working in the front yard." I think i have a leak" she says... ok i go out and start by turning on the timer, well when i open the box the timer dial falls to my feet...hmmm ok! i put it back no luck it aint staying so i replace it with a new updated timer ok back to the original problem turn everything on and none of the zones are coming on but i can see the pumps working so...i look and see a ball valve between the pump and the manifold and i give it a twist and no luck it aint moving so i go ask the home owner when was the last time she closed that valve, she replies ummm about a year ago..hmmm ok maybe the pump is losing its prime?? so i say screw it and go with my gut feeling and grabbed the sawzall and cut the pipe before the valve "Woo Hoo water every where" I cut and replaced the ball valve with a new pvc (old valve was rusted shut, and you closed it a year ago my butt i seen your syatem working 2weeks ago) and went throu the zones and no leaks were found. I handed the home owner the bill got paid and left , but all in all i was screwed for the rest of the mowing day. had to make up for the lost time on my day off. So i have to say i feel your pain!
  4. jimmyburg

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    but it was worth it at the end when you get a nice fat check
  5. Lawn-Sharks

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    True! True!
  6. Mike Leary

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    Rip the clock out, put a sack over your head to avoid hyperventilation.
  7. Tom Tom

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    yup, agreed..........although

    I had a customer awhile back with an Orbit controller w/Orbit remote. The guy came outside with it. I was amazed that it actually worked!
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    Even a blind monkey finds a banana once in a while:laugh:
  9. Tom Tom

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    That never happens to me, NOT!

    Dana and I talk about this sh$t all the time, ok some of the time, well maybe once in awhile.

    Many simple turn-ons evolve into 2 or 3+ hour jobs.
  10. DanaMac

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    My tech Tom had a "mainline problem" yesterday. Turned into a 10 zone manifold rebuild due to tree roots. 6.5 hours later.............

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