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Typical SE Wisconsin Start Date


LawnSite Senior Member
Wondering how you guys set up your contracts? For my residentials I have said I will start mowing when the lawn dictates but it shall be no later than the week of April 15th. I also have the residentials set up on a minimum of 26 cuts which takes me into the week of Octobner 15th. Leaf cleanups and additional cuts are extra and will be performed as requested and billed seperately from the seasons 26 mows.

My commercial low fertility unirrigated regime is set up the same way except I will start a week or so later and end a week or so earlier. (24 mows instead of 26). Am I cutting myself short by doing it this way? Do you guys have a set date you start mowing for sure even if it doesnt need the mowing. The problem I am seeing in making the cut amount higher is that people might expect me to come more than once a week, and I cannot do that, my schedule has to be every 7 days or I wont mow the lawn. So should I up my cuts amount and start earlier in the spring and go later into the fall, include the leaf cleanups from the lawn into the cutting (Speaking of do you guys bill 2x the normal cut amount for leaf cleanups from the lawn and do you include the bed cleanouts then? We have always just done one late visit for leaves in the landscape and we take care of all the beds and if there is still anything on the lawn we get that too, or we will make 2 visits to reduce the amount of debrus hauled away the second time, but this was all prior to us offering lawn mowing)


LawnSite Senior Member
kenosha, wi
im in kenosha, im sure i'll start within a 5-12 days.
as for the other stuff, thats why i just mow and then bill the first of the next month, no contract. works fine, i charge for how many times i mow and dont have to guess. i really dont see the need for a contract, they dont really protect you, are a hassle, and i've never had a problem with not having them.

april 1st - 15th is typical