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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Big Bad Bob, Jun 10, 2007.

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    last year i had a restaurant property that i mowed. it was a bit rough and quite a bit out of my normal route. i happened to be in that area when i realized the trailer gate wasn't latched on both sides. i pulled into the lot to remedy that and the owner ran out. i thought for sure she was going to gripe about my presence in the lot during business hours. instead she struck up a conversation about my services. wanted to know if we were insured and the like. anyway she hired us to mow on a weekly basis.
    at the end of last year, i informed her that it was too far from my normal route and i would no longer service their property. being a businesswoman she understood and thanked me for the good service.
    i have since picked up accounts in that neighborhood. i guess i jumped ship too fast on that property.
    anyway, i noticed the property looked terrible. whoever was mowing was scalping, missing large chunks of turf and even mowing right over trash. (it's on a busy street) i stopped and talked to the owner the other day and offered my services at the same rate as before, ensuring her i would bring the property back into shape. she acted confused. she couldn't understand what i was talking about. bring the property back into shape?? what's wrong with the property? she thinks the other guy,who is an hispanic immigrant (not that it matters) and uses an old rear engine snapper rider, you know, the one that has handle bars for steering, is doing a great job. he mows every 7 days, rain or shine, and gets $5.00 more than i was paid.
    simply put, i don't understand people. :confused:
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    This is one reason why we try to take pictures of all the properties. Sometimes when you lose one you get anote chance in a few years to get it back. We have one that we did for several years and made the place look great. We raised the price a little a couple of times and when she took time thinking about it my wife said maybe we should just part company. Her husband tried to cut it with a little rider until it blew up then they hired a neighbour kid until his Dad said no more wrecking his mower on over grown grass. She kicked the husband down the road and tried to cut it with a push mower by herself. last week I noticed that it was cut with a tractor and bush hog and it sure looks good> Not. I'm sure we could get it back if we wanted to but my wife would never let me do it. Nice rack and friendly to boot.
    Keep pictues of your work before and after.
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    I totally agree; Ialways take before and after pictures of the lawns that I mow. Sometimes the customer is suprised how bad it really was before.





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