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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowjoeman, Aug 8, 2004.

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    I started with a single axle 6x12 and pulled my 95 proline 620 Toro ZTR. well I decided it was time to buy another ztr and bought a new 717A J.D. I'm stretched out pretty thin for the time being and can't afford a new trailer at this point in time? does anyone have any good ideas about how I can fabricate this trailer? it's your run of the mill 1/8 " angled steel that you see used in the business hauling other mowers. another point I over looked was weight, the J.D. is about 425LBS heavier then the Toro that I need to take along with me for a while total combined weight of both , puts us at about1,625 LBS! so until I can afford the dual axle enclosed job that my business should afford me if this area continues to grow the way it's been, I have to make this work? any ideas at all will be apreciated, I'm looking at 74" Toro and the J.D. is 75" Long so overall I need about 149" (inches) Just to fit both of the mowers on the trailer is this a good Idea? can this be done safely? Also I have a 1987 Ford PU with a granny gear in it, is this going to be a problem too? it's a 4.9 v six cyclinder the truck up till now hasn't been a problem, perhaps it's just a tad to much weight to pull? Thanks Joe
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    I would worry about stopping if you don't have trailer brakes.

    can you back the first mower on then run the front wheels between each other to give you the extra room?
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    Thankyou for your reply - The Trailer is a 6x12 and the overall space that I need is 149 inches. The Toro is 74 inches long and the John deere is 75 inches long, Needless to say the room in the trailer is only 144 inches and not to mention it is now ovr weighted! so i have to figure something out. Thanks Joe
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    you have two options really
    a) beef up the suspension, frame and add electric brakes
    b) sell the trailer and lay out some money and get a heavier/bigger trailer with brakes.

    I think buying a new/used trailer is the best option. by the time you beef up the new one you'll have spent just as much as a new/used one would run you.
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    This is a 89 6 cylinder I work it hard everyday you wont have a problem.

  6. mowjoeman

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    Thats a good looking truck, looks alot like mine same hub caps! only wish mine looked as nice, real nice truck! good luck thanks. I haven't had a problem until yesterday, it's not firing? just had a tune up done as well, it ran a few days and quit, no warning just wouldn't start again. weird the truck never gives me a problem. The local mechanic thats doing the work said that they want to try one more thing? but if it dosen't work take it to Ford? so it figures right after I buy a new tractor the truck starts having problems, any ideas? Thanks Joe - I'm with you BSDeality thanks for the reply, I wish I would have thought this all out prior to buying the new Deere but I'm glad I did, I should be able to knock a few more jobs down and pay for a used trailer soon enough - Thanks again Joe

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