u gotta here this hoa prez!!!!!!!111

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    So we get a call from a customer who is the prez of hoa. She wants the place detailed weeds pruning trash..no grass. We give her bid which is contingent on accepting the yearly agrement. She calls that night asking for a cheaper rate. we say sorry its the middle of our busy season, it is what it is. She accepts we do the intial cln/prne. on time. 4 days 3 guys.

    Later They call saying they misread the intial agrement, to say that the 940.0per month was a yearly price not a monthly price. It clearly states that this was a monthly payment based on 12 months. Was taken back a bit this has never happened in my 10 years of dealing with customers of all kinds. I say so your paying me 150.00 a month to cut your lawn, it takes me less than 10 minutes.................i cannot believe that u read this contract to be 80.00 per visit????? At least 1-2 hours per week. She says can we renegotiate??? They want to be around half of that. I say $80.00 and 450.00 are very diffrent. at any rate, we say sure ill do it for that half pay half the work, they come back with a diffrent price i say no.... back and forth. THeres more but i have to go to church, so ill have to finish later with the outcome. Keep in mind this is the short version. :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:

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