U Joint discrpancy ?

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    Check this out.. Not sure what to do ???

    Changing the U joints in my 85 F150 4x4... The front shaft joints , took em out to replace them.. Got the good top of the line spicer joints.. Well the old ones came out relativly easily, and were toast.. I mean .. no bearings left.. rusted up .. So anyway.. went to put the new ones in.. mathced up the caps to make sure they were the correct ones.. they mathced up .. went to press into shafts.. didnt' fit ????? checked old ones again... Guess what ... There are two diff sizes of caps on each joint... ????? The ones on the rears and t case are ok with the new joints but the shaft has smaller joints ??? should I just swap the caps around.. or is this a real problem ???????? HELP !!!!! Think maybe the shaft was replaced at some point with the wrong one ?? Thanks...
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    :blob3: scape, why not get a chilton book and see what can be done, never heard of that one before.TONY

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    Tony, Thank s for the reply, I have a chiltons, a haynes, the f series owners bible, and some other stuff, and see nothinng that indicates that should be like that ... I am just gonna bring it into the joint shop.. Cause I also found a mystery with the rear shaft too... The joints were not square,,, Well the x axis and the y axis of the joint were not the same length ??? Wierd ???
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    Many of the older Fords used two different size bearing caps and the crosses were not symetrical either.
    Go back to where you got the u-joint and they should have no problem fixing you up with the right part.

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    Thanks Bill ..

    I was beginning to think I had just embarked on a nightmare >LOL .. I have never seen that before... But I feel alot better now .. Thanks..I am going to the joint shop tomorrow..

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