U.s.d.m.v And Tie Downs

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ilc79, Mar 27, 2008.

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    If Im Hauling Mowers On An Open Trailer Or Landscape Truck Do The Mowers Need To Have Straps On Them, They Have Parking Brakes On The Mower And They Donot Move But A Friend Of Mine Got Stopped And Was Told He Had To Have Everything Secured With Straps ,the Trailer Has Sides On It 16 Inches Tall The Only Way Its Coming Off Is If You Turn Upside Down. Thanks For Any Help.
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    EVERYTHING needs to be strapped, you can even get a fine if you have loose articles in your truck bed. Larger equipment REQUIRES a 4 point tie down with each differnent implement tied down...meaning a tractor with a loader requires 5 tie downs

    smaller equipment may only require one
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    Fed regs require 2 on equipment less than 10000 pounds. and at least 4 above 10,000 depending on the WLL and if it articulates or not.

    I hear that parking brake BS all the time. Wait til someone T-bones your trailer and the ztrs going flying onto the sidewalk ful of kids walking to school. < not towards you dirtdigger just added it for the parking brake comment above
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    Ditto What Dirt Digger said, he is absolutely correct. As for tying down mowers you need to tie all equipment down on an open trailer even if it has sides. The reason being is if you flip it over they don't want equipment thrown all over the road.

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