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    Cheaper that meets their needs.

    If you are selling the exact same thing for more money, why would they pay more? If they are travelling that distance, they have a higher cost than you do, IF you do everything identical.

    So where are the differences? What value are you providing for the extra money? There are plenty of opportunities to take from any sized company, but if you can't find the value points, then it will always be about cheapest, regardless of the customer or competitor.
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    USL is a player in my area, but not a huge deal. It seems most of the large companies in town, including them, are working all spanish speaking employees, and some of them are providing excellent service. I have only American workers, which is a choice I have made, and questioned many times. My company starts trainees at the same hourly rate as most of those companies pay their bilingual crew leaders. If they are illegal, they are certainly cutting costs on all fronts. I personally do not have any ethical restrictions against hiring non-documented workers, I just don't want to get caught. Maybe those guys just have bigger cohones than I do. It seems their gamble is paying off!
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    We are in midwest so we dont have many speaking spanish around here also a smaller populated area not St louis. So yes they might have "big ones" for sure.
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    If it pays well for you then do it
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    It is not the US lawns franchises that are subbing the work out, it is the corporate entity of US Lawns. What happens is US lawns corporate signs a contract with a national company think walmart. Then US lawns signs all their franchisees to the walmarts that are in there territory. So the majority of the work stays within the company. Now think about the one walmart that is 110 miles out of the franchisees territory. Would you expect the franchise owner to send a crew on a 220 mile round trip to do one store? It would be so unprofitable no one would want it. This is why the US lawn headquarters subs these accounts that are out of their territory to reputable local firms that meet their critiria. By the way Walmart was used as an example only.
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    Yea, I'm sure USL prices would be way to rich for Walmart margins anyways.
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    Our wal Mart has the most expensive company
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    Many times the nationals will pay quite well. You have to understand that the bulk of the money is from all the accounts that are within reach of its branches. Those accounts that are out of territory are just a cost of doing business. Many times they pay very well just to ensure all those little loose ends are taken care of.
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    This is from USlawns web site.

    Who will I communicate with and see on my property once we become a customer of U.S. Lawns?
    At each service visit you will see our trained, uniformed crew in a well-marked, fully logoed U.S. Lawns vehicle. They will be supervised by a crew leader who will make contact with you or your designated representative during this visit. They will also leave behind, on-site where practical, a Landscape Management Report which details the services they have performed as well as potential services to be addressed in following visits.

    Additionally, the U.S. Lawns owner will communicate with you regularly, including performing site visits and discussing your property's ever-changing needs over the phone or in person. The owner and crew are supported by a local office staff trained to efficiently address your administrative requirements.
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    Yes this true when the site is within a branch offices territory. Otherwise standard US lawns protocal is standard except for the US Lawns marked vehicles and uniformed employees. When the subcontractor takes on a account they will use US lawn literature, work orders, etc. They are expected to fulfill all standards and qualification set in the US lawns contract. This is pretty much standard protocal with all nationals dealing with accounts outside their territory.

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