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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by laserman, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. laserman

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    Have any of you guys ever heard of U.S. maintianance?
    I mow a pilot truck stop and was recently contacted by these guys
    claiming they have been hired as a 3rd party to manage all lawn service acounts. on one hand it sounds legit, make sure all properties are priced competivley. but they want me to give them measurements ect. kinda also sounds like bull:confused:
  2. BRIMOW525

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    I have heard of them. they are legit...BUT very cheap.(at least in my area) If you do get involved with them make sure u read the contract with them. They worded mine so if their customer didn't pay then US maintenance didn't pay me and I couldn't go after the customer OR US maintenance. Why have a middle man do no work and recieve payment for it? I am going to stick one on one. Strait from the owner to me thats it. That way nothing gets messed up, manger o.k.ed but boss didn't, etc. BE VERY CAREFUL!
  3. Mark P

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    ;) Never have seen U.S. Maintianance but i do commercial work for US Lawns they took over all the lawn maintianance work a few yrs back from many vendors, but i have had no problems with them, If you do good work they will keep you around but some LCOs i know of got the boot, I gave them my bids and have had no complaints for 3yrs now this will be #4..........Marks Mowing Service

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