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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stslawncare, Jun 29, 2001.

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    it all started when i was at home unloading 20 bags of soil form uncles truck. i got filthy! i was wearing a clean white shirt and all. after that i go to firehouse (same clothes) this older retired firefighter goes why u so dirty.i explain, and he goes so u sell and install. i say yupp, he goes well i will be home at about 6 (it was 12 of) he says he will meet me at his house. i go get my tape measure, clipboard, and half bag of dirt for a sample. he loves the dirt says its great product, so i go how much area needs work? well i didnt think i would ever get out of there, turns out he has 2003 sq ft that needs work, very unlevel area that he wants leveled, biggest dip is 7" and be reminded that these are separate patches, 8 to be exact. he needs 25 yards of dirt!!! he wants it spread level, and seeded. im having a hard time coming up with bid/proposal. im figuring the cost of the dirt (working on that right now), price of seed, bales of straw, and labor. i am going to call local seed place to get price on straw and seed. about how much straw u think? I will have one person helping me, and thinkin i should use my tractor with blade and wagon. i pay my helper $10 an hour, im thinking $20 an hour for labor. be reminded some of that $300 for soil will be given to me. and all but $10 of the $20 an hour is profit.looking for some help on this, first major big job.
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    Maybe I misread, but are you going to be paid the same amount as your helper? That doesn't seem right. You should be paid more because you sold the job, you have the experience, you did the bid, etc. All the helper provides is manual labor. One more thing about profit. Alot of people have this misconception that the money they earn is profit. This is wrong. Profit is the money you have left after paying the help, equipment costs, business costs, and YOUR wage. You can't forget to factor in your own wage.

    I'd put down some starter fert along with the seed.


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