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    Does anyone own or have used a UDcab forward dump truck?? A local dealer has been advertising an overstock and from what I see I could get e 12ft. grainbody for about 26-27k..This is of course 2 wheel drive, diesel with an automatic tranny.. Does this seem fair???
  2. mowing king

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    yes that is fair. i have the 1800hd and looking at the 1400 tomorrow great truck.
  3. khouse

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    What year and model # is the UD? UD's are made by Nissan and are good trucks. I have a 1990 UD 1100. I payed 6k for it used with 100k miles on it 3 years ago. Befor I bought it I called a UD dealer and asked the service manager about this truck. He said that they had trouble with the alternator mount on the timing gear cover vibrating and wollering the bore out. I couldn't pass up the great price so I bought it. I have spent a total of 1000 dollars on this problem over at least 4 occasions doing the work myself. I would call the service manager and ask about what bugs could be hiding in you truck. If I get a new truck I think I will try a Mitsubishi Fuso. Your UD may run forever.
  4. mowing king

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    bought the new one today.UD 1400 with 10.5 ft dumpbed,fold downsides,piggyback tool box.turbo diesel,

    $30,232. that is a deal. I paid 34 for my Mit 4 years ago for the exact set up. I now have 2 MIts and 2 UD. I like both compared to my fords and chevys the only time MIT,UD go the shop is for reg maintence.

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