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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawn jockey, Mar 15, 2002.

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    I was just wondering if anyone offers this as a add on service? What or how do you charge for this? Would you charge buy the ft like edging? or would you charghe per hour? Do you think this would be profitable? How much would you charge for installation? I know this alot to ask at 1 time but Thanyou in advance!:blob3:
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    I thought about it before, but no way. I have one for my dog, it doesnt work anymore. Its way too much service. The line gets cut so easily, people will get mad. When the dog grows and needs the stronger collar, it costs $80. My g/fs family has 2 dogs with the bigger collars, they dont work, the dogs jet right through it. People will be pissed, because they won't train the dog correctly, and it wont work to begin with. The BIG company trains the dog right after installing it, but the owner has to keep training for a long time after, and practically nobody does. I decided not to, but it could still be profitable, but could give your company a very bad name when people start getting mad that their dog doesnt pay attention to the zap, and doesn't understand that it is THEIR fault, not yours. I would charge by the system, size, and difficulty of installations. Have to go around a rock, extra. Need 5000 sq. ft, one price,, 10000, more. Not by the hour, becuase people need an "exact estimate" for something like this, in my opinion. Most of this is just my opinion, but I feel strongly that it is true. Good luck if you do decide to do it, just be careful to explain clearly that it takes a LOT of training.
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    I put in an invisible fence at my own house. I dont think i would do it again for my mother or my best friend without the right equipment. I used my edger and burried it 2" down. It took 4X longer then edging! I spoke with someone the other day who puts in dog fences using a small vibratory plow and said he can lay the cable at a slow walking pace. he said the average system is a $1200 charge.
  4. FrankenScagMachines

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    roscioli is 100% correct. We put one in for our (at the time) 8 year old, 40# female mutt, and it worked at first but you need to keep the hair under the chin trimmed to the skin on long hair dogs and she just got used to it and just jumped through. Some friends have a Cocker spaniel with a fence and it's setup to go in the house and all, and it works fine. I think it would help if the dog was trained from birth and the hair kept trimmed and all. Too much maintenance really. So, no, I wouldn't offer it to people. It can be useful if done right I beleive but you really can't teach an old dog new tricks. that's just the long and short of it i think.
    my $0.04 ;)
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    I geuss I asked the? wrong I would'nt be selling the units just installing them.I have an freind of a freind who owns a petstore chain who is interested in having me install the units he sells!
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    I do/did this (installing underground fences) for about 4 years. Officially, I am still a dealer, however, I am not actively pursuing business. I still pick up a job or two every now and then by word of mouth. Did a job a few weeks ago for a local attorney who just had to have the thing installed "yesterday." I told her that I didn't really have time but she let me know that money wasn't an object. Needless to say, I made time. When I cashed her check I bought a new Echo PB603 and a Husky 325 trimmer with the profit.

    I have a system for my two dogs and will always use one…at least until someone invents something better. IMO it's the best thing since sliced bread. The problems that you do have are from the moron owners who aren't willing to train their dogs right or are too lazy to look at their transmitter once a week to make sure the light is still on. It is not a completely maintenance free thing but there is a heck off a lot less maintenance than traditional fencing. I thought selling the things would be extremely simple. I knew what the big company charged and knew that I could undercut them by 35% and still make a decent profit. When that didn't work I raised my prices to be closer to theirs because I thought people were under the impression that mine was an inferior product. Nothing worked. We even had a quarter page ad in the yellow pages right next to the big company's quarter page ad. I thought everyone knew about the things but I found out quickly that it is still just a novelty to most. People are just too leery about the systems.

    Roscioli is absolutely right about pricing and the facts about the systems. However there is a procedure to correct "run throughs" but it takes a little effort on the part of the owner. I don't agree that there is a LOT of training. My experience has been that with CORRECT training, most dogs will work in just a couple days.

    To try to help answer your question, if you want to just do the installation part (and you don't mind dealing with dumba$$ pet owners )and your friend is doing the selling, marketing, advertising etc etc etc…. I would not do it as an add on service. Do it, but disassociate it from your lawn biz. It's two different things…looks unprofessional IMO. May want to partner with him and use his biz name, you're just a sub. By the way when pricing always figure on having to make about three return trips for miscellaneous stuff (mostly stupidity). I have a minimum price no matter how small the yard or easy the installation which gives me about $500 profit/job.

    Sorry about getting long winded but I know a good deal about this subject. If you want to know more just ask. I could go on and on but I'll try not to bore everyone else.
  7. $2.50 a linar foot, includes control box, 1 collar, and marking flags.

    10,000 (squared) sq/ft lawn may take close to 450 feet of antena wire.

    That's your charge not including any training.

    Also a cheap AM radio tuned all the way to the right (may be left) can help you find any breaks in the wire for repairs. You mount to a stick and run it over the wire till you find signal, then keep walking till it stops and you have your break.

    Cost for a repair $50 for 1st one $25 there after.
  8. GarPA

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    I've had an Invisible Fence for 6 years....theres more to this than cutting some cable into the ground...most of the junk sold at WalMart and farm supply stores is just that...I have 3 neighbors who gasped when I told them I spent $1000 for Invisible Fence...so they they went to Goobers Feed and Farm store and got a "Bargain" for $400..then rented a trencher at $70...then spent hald a day trying to get the signal working and then of course there is the most important part...training the poor dog properly which none of them did because they're too damn lazyand can't spell dog training....and in one case the product was not adjustable adequately to allow for the dogs size so the poor dog was almost electrocuted and wouldn't go outside for 2 days..kinda funny.
    Of the 3 systems I now about none of them were on after 1 month. I'd let the specialists who do this full time have this business...just my 2 cents.
  9. fireball

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    I too have the invisiable fence. Paid $2100.00 to enclose 6.5 acres and 3 days of training and a lifetime warranty on the parts and collars. Each year with the price of labor going up , the 2100.00 that I paid gets cheeper since they have remained true to their word. They have replaced the system twice in 9 years due to lighting strikes. When they install it, they have a little vibratory cable plow the size of a sod cutter which installs the wire as fast as you walk. The wire comes in rolls of 800ft, so you have a splice every 800 ft. My dealer is a delight to work with and he is there the next day if you develop a problem. The battery plan is 89.00 per year and they mail you the batteries every three months. They include a pouch to mail the tired batteries back to them. A year ago, I bought the gizmo for inside the house so the dogs now stay inside the kitchen.

    Now if you guys buy a system or recomend a system to a customer, use my name because I get free batteries as a referral reward.

    The only thing that my dealer can't fix the wire in the ground when it is frozen outside. They lay the wire on fence post's until the ground thaws out.

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