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    question for ya'll, does anyone here have customers that actually understand when you tell them you can't do something. i have had this client for over 3 years, he has a massive poison ivy field in the woods. he wants me to mow it with my mower(yea, take a $5k machine into the woods), i told him i can't as i have a serious allergy to poison ivy. he then tells me that i don't, and that i wouldn't be touching it anyways. i explained to him that as soon as i hit the first plant, i'm covered in it, as well as my mower. he then tells me that he'll use my mower to mow the poison ivy as he isn't allergic, to which i tell him no, for safety reasons. you would think that when you tell someone you will get pretty dang sick from mowing an acre of poison ivy, that they'd understand, but no. i recommended several companies that will come and spray it, but he's cheap. mind you this is a 10 acre property worth well over 4 million. I'm on the verge of losing an account that is a big part of my income, but i'm not going to get sick for it. this guy is a pain in the a$$.
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    Stand your ground with him. No one else in their right mind will mow it. Reminds me of the wealthy azz clients I had when I lived up there. When I learned to stand my ground I gained their respect.
  3. Isobel

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    yea i would stand your ground on this.

    A possible solution I could think to this is to get a really crappy mower, even like a rental--and have one of your workers do it. Or maybe just find a sub contractor who will go in and do this one job. At least that way you're solving his problem, and not losing the client.

    I can totally understand this type of problem, when I started landscaping I had no allergy. Now, I'll get it even if i'm in the vicinity. I can still take on poison ivy removal jobs, but now i'm head to toe in disposable Tyvek.

    but I can also understand that once you hit that with a mower or brush cutter all the oil is getting all over your equipment, and that can plague you for months down the road.
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    just politely tell him, you don't do that type of work, and cutting wouldnt solve the problem it would just grow back next week, refer to a company that can chemically spray ivy ..... and leave it that, he wont drop you, hes just giving you a hard time
    *remember he hired you to cut grass, not to remove ivy .....
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    I don't understand what good mowing it will do, won't it just come back? Maybe try to explain this to him.
  6. mike lane lawn care

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    oh no, he wants it mowed weekly to keep it looking green:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

    i'm throwing a black tarp over sections at a time hoping that will kill it off in the areas near where i regularly am. i'll try ad get a pic of this nightmare
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    TELL HIM NOT TO MOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you breath in the poison ivy then you can get an internal infection that can be life threatening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you have to take massive amounts of steriods that can ravage your body.

    Same goes if you burn it and breath the smoke.

    Lots of Brush Killer, or Round-Up, and do it over two seasons to get a complete kill.

    Take some pics of it too, there is a couple of heirloom Ivies that have been mistaken for poison ivy.
  8. mike lane lawn care

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    this is for sure poison ivy, i got into it last year and ended up in the ER cause my arms and legs had swelled to the point of cutting off circulation.
  9. Stillwater

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    If I wasn't on the island I would send a guy over to do it. Lenox is that near Lynn?
  10. mike lane lawn care

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    Lol, no, i'm a good 3 hours west of that. i'm about as far west in the state as it gets.

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