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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by newt`, Aug 6, 2001.

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    I recently did some backhoe work (leveling for an above ground pool) in my back yard and ended up with about 5 yards of nice looking topsoil left over. Well, every square inch of the property is already grass or beds or something so I just spread it out over a "small" area of a few hundred square feet, 4-6 inches deep, right over the existing grass. Long story short, I never seeded it, but just let the grass find its way up to the surface which it did rather quickly, but not the same grass that was growing there before. Instead I now have this very light colored stuff with wide blades that is rather unsightly and spreading to boot. I see some other patches in other areas of the yard and some of them are spreading also. Should I just spray it dead and reseed? I presume I would then have to rake up the dead thatch and stuff and that sounds like the hard way. I'm certainly not afraid of hard work, but I'm also very busy with my woodworking business and life with kids in general. Can I re-seed with something that will drive this stuff out or do I have a much larger job ahead of me? I appreciate any advice, thank you.
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    The unsightly stuff is grass, a point which I failed to mention. Its a totally different grass than the rest of the lawn and almost looks like crab grass and is spreading and taking over the lawn. I would like to get rid of it.
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    You killed the old grass and crabgrass germinated. Kill it and reseed in the fall. Use Round-up, wait unitil weeds die and then reseed it. Keep it moist w/o drowning it until it is well established.
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    Thank you

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