Uility, military or state work

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I do work for HRS ..... which is State run & payed ....$ is never late ....Bid is high as they required 500K insurance & WC .... but most have that with over 3 employees anyways .... which weeds out the scum ... so good money ...but under stand these jobs come up for bid almost each year .....Patrick Air Force base the guys there get over 7 figures for that one job .... but he has so much equipment he owns a trailer park just to house his workers


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I landed a DHR building this year. I don't know how I got called really , but I did, I bid, I got. Cut it twice so far and been paid for both. I only hope it works into some more contracts with other state properties.


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I did some for HUD this past spring. I would never do it again. Slow pay and very low per cut. 20% of buz and 80% headache.