Ultimate Home Made Lawn Striper

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MJR_63, Jul 1, 2007.

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    also, you can pin it up off the grass, unbolt it from the mount and still use the proslide behind it. I drilled out the solid plastic and made my own rollers.
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    You don't need to water the lawn after your stripe it to keep the stripes longer. I can still see my diagonal stripe that I cut in my lawn 2 weeks ago. I alternate my striping pattern each cut. One week I cut diagonally, the next week I cut the opposite diagonal (you will see a diamond pattern show up in the lawn if you cut it right). The 3rd time I cut it I go side to side and the 4th time I cut it I go front to back. I then start over again cutting it on a diagonal.

    When I make a zero turn with my Exmark Metro my roller assembly slides right over the lawn, no divots, holes or pulled up lawn. It works great!

    Mark (aka MJR_63)
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    Thanks Lenny, I saw that you pm'ed MJR_63 but I don't think I have had enough posts yet to get that feature. Any other suggestions you have before i get started this weekend?


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    If you can't find the end caps, you can always improvise. I couldn't find them either, so instead I just drilled a hole crosswise in the axle shaft. Added a washer and a cotter pin and good-to-go! Might even be a little easier to remove than the axle caps if you need to make a repair or replace a wheel and you can get the cotter pins at any hardware store.
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    That's a tough one to answer because depending on your experience in working with the tools to put together the materials and your ablitiy to analyze the pictures posted, you may not have any questions at all. However, if you have questions, post here and I can reply or perhaps MJR_63 will be able to.

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    My only question is, how are you attaching the super strut to the axle? Is it simply a whole in the L bracket?:confused:
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    Sorry - -- hole.:hammerhead:
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    Yes, there is a hole in the "L" bracket. Look at MJR_63's pictures of all the pieces on the cardboard at the beginning of this thread. Then use one of the superstrut (SS) nuts that slides into the SS channel. Again look at the pictures of the pieces on the cardboard. Slide the square shaped nut into the channel to the location you want and thread in the bolt. You will probably want to use a lock washer as well to keep things tight. Also start to thread through the axle one bracket at a time so they all line up, otherwise you may have trouble getting the axle through if you put all the brackets on first.
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    After being in the business for awhile i have always told my employees and everyone else, that those little things you do the customer doesnt notice but once you dont do it thats when they will notice. So as for the customer not giving two shits well I have to disagree. I sold my business due to seriously ill child and the company that bought my business I thought did a good job, But I have received probably a dozen or more calls complaining that the guy doesnt do as good of a job as I did. Now he does cut trim and blow but thats about all he does, what i always tell them is there are guys that cut grass and there are guys that manicure lawns, its all in what kind of service you want from you lawn care company. so keep that in mind when you get done cutting the grass or manicuring the lawn.::usflag:
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    That looks great very nice

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