Ultimate Home Made Lawn Striper

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MJR_63, Jul 1, 2007.


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    those are some nice stripes
  2. RLS24

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    this is great! I am going to whip one of these up for myself. and for those that say striping is a waste of time, every mower makes some sort of stripe mark. while customers may not notice it, if it look like garbage, they will notice it then! theres enough guys around here doing killer stripes that I want my work to look as good if not better than theirs to attract potential new customers.

    Pintodelux, what did you use to make the rollers out of on yours?
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    hey whoopass. you stripes look great to me brother. i wish i could get my gravely walk behing to stripe like thAT!
  4. milo

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    i got to try to make these for a ztr.
  5. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Hey, thanks!! :waving::waving::waving:

    My stripes are all about the sulky I run.
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    I agree with this 100%. My clients dont see me as a lawn boy. I am a professional that can answer all their questions in guide them in the right directions. I have been invited to bbq's and even a wedding.

    Whoopass, maybe if you spent more time on your business instead of trying to break records, like 90 winterizations in 1 day, then your customers may think more highly of you.

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    what kind of sulky do u run?
  8. touhey33

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    Why should he care what his customers think of him. AS long as hes making good money and they keep him, hes doing good. I don't care what any of my customers think of me as long as they keep hiring me and Im able to support my family.
  9. LawnTamer

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    Why all the hostility? You kind of came out swinging here. Accusing anyone who uses a riding mower, fabricates their own equipment, or doesn't stripe every lawn as being unprofessional. Why?

    I know a guy who nets triple digits, and uses nothing but non ZTR riders, he uses WAMs and makes great money. I confess, I started with a rider, a Craftsman even:laugh: Not everyone starts with the right equipment.

    I fabricate a lot of my equipment. Welding is a hobby of mine, so why not? I can tell you, that no manufacture I know of makes a sulky as nice as the ones I made and use. Why should I pay $300 for a stamped piece of cheap crap that will only last a few seasons, when I can build a sulky that will last 10 yrs for $60 and enjoy doing it. And my sulkies have angled striping plates that leave wicked stripes, who else makes a sulky like that? My trimmer racks, which I designed myself are faster to use than any I have seen, and every bit as secure, with spring loaded latches. I have actually been asked by and have built them for 3 other local LCOs. Who have seen them on my trailer and wanted them.

    Not everyone stripes, whoopty dooo. Here, hardly anyone stripes, whoop and I are the exception, some of the few who do take the time to stripe. Most people don't even care. Many of the most successful LCOs don't mess with striping at all. Look at Rodfather, he runs multiple crews, each of his mowing crews gross $1,200-1,300/day, and these are 2-3 man crews. He runs super efficient and his clients don't care that their lawns don't have stripes. Most of my clients don't care either. I do it, because I like the look.

    It is funny that you and Punt seem to think you know so much about Whoop's operation. Have you ever met his clients? How do you know what they think of him? I have helped him out a few times, he has an amazingly good relationship with his clients. He has completed the turf management course at the local ag school, and his clients know it. They seek his advice and counsel constantly. They trust his judgment.

    Part of the reason he can do 90 winterizations in a day, is that his client's lawns all look great come fall, they've received 5 applications of balanced fert, weed and insect control, and just need a little root stimulation before going to bed. What do his clients care about how long he is there if their lawn looks great? He also has incredible density, I have helped him on his routes, stops with multiple homes are the norm for him, both for mowing and fert work. He has stops where he does 7 lawns, virtually the entire cul-de-sac. That also speaks highly of his work, that he can get one client on a cul-de-sac and within a few years be doing all the cul-de-sac. He got one of the university football coaching staff as a client 3 yrs ago, within a yr, he was doing the entire coaching staff.... what does that say about how he is viewed by his clients?

    When one man can maintain150 properties, and keep nearly all of them happy, and all the lawns looking good, by himself, that should be applauded, not mocked.
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    If your customers dont think highly of you you will lose work. Not be trusted. At the first sign of trouble or a mistake you will be replaced. I have clients that trust me to the point that i dont need permission to do a job i see fit without their permission and just bill it. I raise my prices and not 1 complaint. I havent advertises in 2 years because of my retention rate. It was whhops own words saying his clients think of us as lawn boys right. I dont feel that way because they dont with me for a reason.
    If you give them a reason they will treat you like a lawn boy.

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