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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Uranus, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I've been hearing for over 2 months now that there is going to be a better belt coming out for the ultra vacs from my dealer. I've had to replace 7 belts on my 60" XS lazer. Machine only has 300 hours on it.

    The belts are lasting about 35 hours. When I install a new belt you can watch the belt stretch out. After about 10 hours of mowing the belt is stretched out and max's out the tension pulley. You can hear a difference in the fan speed and in wet conditions (morning dew) it does not throw the grass up the tube as it should. I've been running the belts until they finally start rolling over in the pulleys and fall off.

    At about $15 per belt it is going to get very costly over the life of the machine. This is one of several complaints I have about my 07 lazer xs.

    If you have an answer to when the new thicker belts will be available you will make me a lot happier.

    I would also love to PM or talk to someone about my other issues and dissatisfaction with this mower.
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    PM me if you want to discuss offline.

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    What you're describing could be multiple problems, all of which aren't easily solved through this medium. It's obvious that simply throwing new belts on is a symptom of a bigger issue. Have you spoken w/ the dealer who is supplying the belts? I would contact them or where you purchased the unit. If you aren't able to get an answer, then please call our Service Department at 1-800-667-5296.

    Have a Good Weekend,
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    Yeah, this isn't the norm. Unless they changed something, or the XS contributes to something? I ran the same belt on my UV for as long as I owned it....like 4 seasons! I doubt the guy that bought it replaced it yet either. It'll likely dry rot first!

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