Ultra Vac tips and pointers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. brucec32

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    What do experienced users find makes them most effective?

    1. Do the anti-blowout baffles available make a significant difference?

    2. What is your preferred blade setup for leaves? solid foil, gator, exmark mulching blades, notched high lift, or a mix?

    3. Tips for avoiding clogs?

    4. Other tips for creating a vaccum cleaner with this tool?

    5. Anyone make a mulching pass first, then vac up leaves to reduce volume?
  2. Runner

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    1. Never had the baffles, so I can't say. I can say they work great without the baffles, though.
    2. I run solid foils all the time for normal grass cutting, because it's the only blade that doesn't streak.
    3. you will get to the point that you just have a feel for it. you can tell by the sound, most of the time. One tip is, is to try not to let it overfill. Otherwise, you have to undo the hose at the bottom where it connects to the blower.
    4. Not so far.
    5. For real heavy stuff,....yes. Otherwise, the time spent compared to the volume they take doesn't make it worth it. It's a judgment call.
    Now, on mine, my tubes are locked up and connected, so they come off as one piece. Also, only the top rubber strap hook is on it now. that is all it takes to hold it (if even that). This way, the whole unit (tube and blower) comes off in less than 20 seconds, and doesn't take much more than that to put back on. The bags stay on the machine, since it gets used so often for certain accounts (narrower islands and medians, etc.).
  3. mowerbrad

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    I've got the bob-cat catcher (humbolt), so it is the same concept and similar setup...

    1. N/A
    2. I love the gator blades for leaves. They chop up the clippings way better than regular high lift or even mulching blades. You will notive a huge difference in the size of the leaves with the gator blades versus any other blade. So get the gators.
    3. If it is wet or very thick leaves, make sure you go slow, otherwise you will clog before the bags are even full. Otherwise you will eventually get good at knowing when you are close to being full.
    4. If you are talking about getting a hose hooked up so you can clean out beds, there is not a way to do that yet with the ultra vac. In order to do that, you would have to get an aftermarket catcher with a separate engine.
    5. I have not tried that yet, but have long been considering it. I think it would be a great way to reduce the volume more and beable to have the leaves chopped up nicer. But like runner said, it could be more of a waste of time depending on the amount of leaves.
  4. kj330

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    I have an 08 lazer hp.
    for leaves the only way that i can pick up the majority of leaves is with the low lifts. the high lifts and gators create way to muck wind and caul blowout everywere. awsome set up
  5. brucec32

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    Thanks, I saw a video on youtube of one in action and it seemed to do a great job. Looking forward to trying it out.
  6. Runner

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    You must have saw the video that was taken by theguy while riding on the mower. That is a pretty cool video and is a greatr example of just what the UV does. And although I don't prefer the quick dump setup, this is a great demonstration of that, too. This is the type of application where it shines...on a property where you have access to dump.

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