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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by miltbur, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. miltbur

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    Looking at buying and ultra vac. would like to know if i would still have to blow the leaves to a pile before going over them with the bagger or would the bagger pick them up without having to be blowed first. Thank you. For know im blowing leaves then using walk behind with metal grass catcher. thanks for any advice.
  2. mark_the_psycho

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    Just gotta blow outta the beds, mow em up, and dump em at the curb. The only problem is, if there isn't leaf collection in your area, they're a b**** to get rid of, you gotta dump em at the curb first because it is damn near impossible to maneuver up onto a trailer to dump em
  3. mark_the_psycho

    mark_the_psycho LawnSite Member
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    The best way to deal with leaves is to stick a mulch kit on your wb and leave the Ultra Vac on your Z. Use the wb places where there is no collection and light leaves, use the Ultra Vac on hevier leaves, and for places with really light leaves, take the blower and the tube off the Z and use the side discharge, just be careful of the bagger, it's wide.
  4. hackitdown

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    It depends on how deep the leaves are. If I see more grass than leaves, I just go right over it with the Lazer/Ultravac, and it all looks perfect. If it gets to the point where it is 100 covered in leaves, I blow the leaves first, otherwise the vac clogs up, and also fills the bags too quickly. Running over a pile doesn't work for me, everything clogs up.

    FYI, I'm in Mass, and I have a 52" Lazer HP.
  5. ArTurf

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    I have used the ultravac for several years. Here is how I go about it. 1st of all do not pile the leaves up as this will cause the chute to clog up if too much debris is feeding through. I will blow out of the areas i cannot get to then go over them with a Z with the mulch kit installed. This chops the leaves/pine straw up into finer pieces, then I pick them up with the ultravac which does a great job. I know you are thinking I am wasting time going over them twice but you will spend much more time emptying the bags/hopper as you will have to stop and empty the bags 3 times more if you do not chop up the leaves. Another hint buy the bagger version if you have to hall off the debris on a trailer as it is difficult to use the quick-dump on a trailer. If you can dump onsite 100% then you could use the quick-dump.

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