Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. fixer67

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    Has any one heard about or used Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning? My boss asked me about it today. It sounds like a good idea and I have found companies that make them like Sharpertek. I would like to know who has tried it and how well did it work. And what type of cleaning solutions did you use.
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    We purchased a small UntraSonic cleaner (big enough to put an old style 5 horse horizontal briggs carb in and have the pickup tube under water) from Ebay, and I guess we aren't using it very much. It has a heat function on it also. I think I paid about $300 for it. I've only been using SimpleGreen/water in it because I have not taken the time to hunt around for anything else. If you get one and use it, make sure you take all the plastic off of anything you put in it... will tear the stuff up.

    I'm not sure if it works well or not, usually not, unless I don't have a decent cleaning solution in it.
  5. Restrorob

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    I'm happy with my $1.29 can of carb & choke cleaner.... Besides, I don't want to have to wait around and hope seals and plastic doesn't swell/melt. I like to get um done !
  6. fixer67

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    The reason I am asking about this is this, we are running into more and more carbs that are just uncleanable with carb & choke cleaner. Take a carb apart half a dozen times and use 3 cans of spray and still have nothing more than a paper weight for your troubles is enough to make you want to smash the thing with a 3lb hammer. I know what you are thinking "why not just buy a new carb?" well first off I do not own the shop and second just getting it takes time and if you can get the machine out the door sooner then the sooner you get money coming in the door. And you all know how people are, they want it 5 minutes BEFORE that dropped it off in the first place. We have had to buy more new carbs so far this year than in the last two years put together it seems. The way gas is now days it will trash a carb in no time flat.
    I do not know who people are elsewhere but around here they buy a new machine and use it an hour or two and then put it away for 3 or 4 years and then pull it out and thing it is going to start right up. And they aways fill up the gas tank before putting it in storage. Then you have to put a new $75 plus carb on a machine they say has only an hour or so on it and you get called names I can not repeat here. We are just think about trying something new. It is either this or start buying carbs in bulk.
  7. Restrorob

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    I have told you this before fixer; "Your boss is a idiot"

    For every carb you go into the second time he looses money. If I can buy a new carb for the price of labor and rebuild parts you can bet your azz that's what I'm gonna do. If the customer doesn't want a new carb for the same price they are stupid too and can take their unit to a back woods wanna be.

    If a carb is that nasty junk it.....

    You can't make money doing jobs 3 or more times to get it right !
  8. bahamamills

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    Not a mechanic myself but I would much rather make my labor money taking off old putting on new. From a customer standpoint I would feel much better know ing that I am going to get hit with the minimal labor charge anyway and I would rather know its spent putting on a new unit as opposed to having you try, try , try to get it right and end up spending more on labor and parts than what I could get a new one for.
  9. fixer67

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    And with gas the way it is now days you are going to see more and more carbs trashed beyond repair. I know what you are saying but you know how it is. I see a day coming when you will not even be able to take a carb apart. I it will be riveted or welded together, NO SCREWS to take out. I just worked on a Honda yesterday. The carb does not have a rebuild kit or even a IPL of the carb. The carb is $35 for a new one and there forth it is disposable
  10. jkason

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    Hey guys....
    Most of the carbs I work on - spray cleaner won't do it.
    I use HYDRO-SEAL II from Gunk in a gallon paint can. cleans everything off really well. (Except for when the carbs have been sitting for more than a few years.)
    It does swell up the rubber parts but does not attack the plastic ones.

    If a carb is really bad, It gets replaced.
    With the way fuel is today, I tell my customers that a carb kit may not fix it, or that it may work temporarily.

    In either case, I ask them if they are using stabilizer. When they say "No.Why?", I tell them that fuel is no good after 30-60 days.

    I also think (to myself) that if they are too lazy to do preventative maintainence, they can pay me to repair it for them.

    When they say they need it yesterday, I also tell them (to their face) that I work on machines in the order they came in, and if they don't want to wait, that's fine too.

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