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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by EJK2352, Jul 29, 2001.

  1. EJK2352

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    I was wondering if Exmark has any plans for building an Ultravac system for belt & hydro walk behinds. I have an Ultravac on my Lazer HP 52, and would like to have a system like it for my 48" 5 speed walk behind. You could adapt the rear mount bags to mount over the deck. What do you think?? I think it would be excellent leaf clean-up as well as general grass bagging. Thanks!! ED:)
  2. eXmark

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    Interesting question and one I don't believe we've asked ourselves yet.

    I'll submit it to our product planning committee for review. I would also be curious to find out what other operators thought of the idea and how much demand there is for such a product.

    Please let us know and Thanks!

  3. Premo Services

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    :D I have the ultra vac on my lazer also/ I have thought about a system on the turf tracer, I have some smaller properties and ones that have hills that would be a perfect place for this.
  4. mountainviewland

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    I have been thinking about this since the ultra vac first came out. I asked my dealer about it but didnt even think about posting here.
  5. Doogiegh

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    Bringing this back to the top to see if anything has ever been considered?

    I too have a 32" Exmark Metro, gear drive walk behind.

    Am looking to do fall cleanups, and am considering (as the business grows), to purchase a 48 or 52" machine..

    If I do that, do I get a walk behind or a rider?

    I wouldn't need the rider that much for the properties I currently do, but just to do leaf cleanups alone it would be terrific.. So not sure of just what to do..

    And was just thinking - boy, if only they had a vaccuum system for my current walk behind. <G>

  6. eXmark

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    Hey Gary,

    Thanks for bringing this back to the forefront of discussion. To my knowledge, nothing is currently in the works for the walk-behinds. Here is the dilemma with adapting an UltraVac-type system to the walk-behinds. If you place something on the deck of the mower, you obstruct the Operator's view of what is directly in front of him/her. On the Turf Tracer, you also have the muffler sitting right in front of the engine. This could create all sorts of problems, but one could probably get around these problems by creating some sort of a heat shield.

    Another potential problem is the weight of the hopper sitting on the deck area. If it gets too heavy, it could damage the belt shield. It would also impair your ability to get to the deck drive belts, belt pulleys, and idlers.

    Another issue could be DUST! With the design of the current UltraVac, the rear portion of the hopper is vented. The mesh bags also breath. This area is behind the Operator. If you place the vent in front of the Operator, that would be a real mess. Some guys comment about the dust created by the small, 3-bushel bagger that is currently available. This would pale in comparison to the dust created by a larger UltraVac-type set-up.

    These are just some of the challenges that one has to think about when designing this type of a system, and I've probably just scratched the surface. I am confident, however, that a similar set-up could be created. I think PECO or BlueBird had offered a larger bagger for the walk-behinds in the past. I don't know how well it worked or if it is still available.

    All this being said. . .what do you do in the meantime? You mentioned that you were considering a rider. If you purchase a 48" or 52" Lazer Z HP, you could also get the UltraVac. This is probably your most expensive option, but would be a worthwhile investment which would eventually pay for itself.

    Next, you could purchase a large walk-behind and use the three bushel bagger. The only problem is that you're dumping a lot. You could try to use a different set of blades, like the Gator Blades. This would theoretically reduce the size of the leaves, which would allow you to put more debris in the bagger. I can't say that I've tried this before, but I would think that it would at least be worth a try. The only drawback is that it would be beneficial if you could change the blades back to the standard, high-lift Exmark blades after bagging with the Gators.

    Finally, you could stop bagging altogether and just purchase a mulch kit. This saves you money and will allow you to get done in the same amount of time or less. The mulch kit is worth the investment, even if you only use it for a fraction of the cutting season. When coupled with the Gator Blades, it does a great job of mulching up the leaves. Many cutters like the Gators when mulching up leaves; however, I would switch to the OEM mulching blades when mulching mostly grass and maybe some leaves.

    I hope this answers all of your questions. Don't be discouraged by my comments regarding the difficulties of creating this type of a system. I think it would be a great idea if you could work around all of these potential hurdles. Who knows. . .Maybe we'll have a WB-UV in the future? If you have any other comments or questions, just reply when you can.

    Thanks for the post,

    Exmark Customer Support
  7. crazygator

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    I have a 36" Turf Tracer and think a vac system would be wonderful. I have many small lawns and this would be perfect. Can we have one by this September 2002 Dustin?......:D Just a thought! ;)
  8. John Gamba

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    Put The JRCO Transporter On Your Mower With The Accelerator Bagger. You Can Fit Three Of the 3.5 bushels In The hopper ( That's at Least Nine Bushels In The hopper And Three In the bagger) That's Twelve Bushels total. Alot More then The ultra vac.
    And It's Easy Of and On.

    Take It From a Long time Walk Behind Guy It Work's.:D
  9. eXmark

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    Johnny G:

    That makes sense to me. This set up sounds like it would be a lot cheaper than any UltraVac we could manufacture. Sometimes it's best to keep things simple ;) .

    Thanks for the post,

    Exmark Customer Support
  10. Doc Pete

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    Hi guy’s,
    I’ve gone nuts over this dilemma. I wanted a bagger for my WB’s for so long. However, here’s the conclusion I’ve come to. Any bagger that will go in front of you will end up coating you with dust, debris, and general junk. The only time a front bagger will work, is in the early season when the grass is heavy and damp, or at least not overly dry.
    We all have side baggers and in the summer they are a mess. Also, in the fall they do leaves well but you still get junk all over you. So, IMO, though it sounds like a great idea, just use your side bagger for a while on these dry lawn/leaves, and I think you’ll see my point.

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