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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by captken, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Question for Exmark:

    When you buy an Ultravac, what are you paying for?
    I just bought one and when it arrived parts were missing. Was told later, the drive kit and the weights are options?
    What gives?
    I finally have all the parts {I think} I don't know for sure since there seems to be some doubling of parts.

    There is a weight kit for the frame that appears to mount to the floor pan area. Some additional plate weights and a castor set which appears too big for my mower.

    Lets see, thats 3 different weight kits! And the one for the castors seems too big.

    I have an 07' Lazer AS 60" 28hp.

    Thanks in advance, kenny.
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    You should have received an UltraVac completing kit (part number 109-1179), and a weight kit (part number 103-5633). All the necessary bits and piecies should have been included w/ the kits. If you feel that you didn't receive, or received too many parts, please PM me your phone number and I'll have our Parts & Accessories expert give you a call.


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