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Ultravac QDS problems?


LawnSite Member
Clarkston, MI
Anybody have problems with their QDS system? Last season I had a couple nutz fall out.. no biggy. Then one of the bars (the one with the hook on it that grabs the system when it closes) bent badly. This made it so the system wouldnt close properly. I thought I musta caught it on somthing and bent it back. Well the thing kept bending and I know I hadnt caught it on anything. I took it in and got it fixed for free cuz its under warranty. Went out and a couple days later and had the same problem. Anybody know wut might cause this? I'm thinkin some of the bars must not be set to the right length or something. At the moment Im going back out to the garage to try and straighten it again before tomarra mornin.