Ultravac quick dump or bagger???(exmark)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by USNOWME, Oct 25, 2004.


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    In the market for an ultravac for my exmark lazer 60". I know there is good and bad things about the bagger vs. the quick dump. What do you guys think? The quick dump is a little more expensive, but it may be worth it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!
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    What do you do when your at a property that doesn't have a place for you to dump the leaves and you have to bag them? That's the reason I went with the 3 bags + it held about 20-30% more than the dump. just my 2 cents.

    littlenic :)
  3. EJK2352

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    Do you have a leaf-loader for your truck???
  4. Runner

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    The quickdump can be dumped onto tarps (recommended 2 next to each other and overlapping). However, not only does the QD not hold as much, but it was brought to our attention that it has a design flaw. What happens is, it has a lip close to the egde of the bottom of the hopper...everytine you dump, debris gets caught on this lip and the door doesn't shut all the way. You STILL have to get off and clear the debris off. I believe the 3 bag system is just a better way to go. Not only that, f trailer space is an issue, the 3 bag is more adaptable for that also. If you have another mower and you take the bags off, the hood of the unit can still hang over the other deck or front of the other mower. Personally, I really like the Cyclone rake. We are just hearing too many good things about these to not look into them. Now, you want to talk about caPACity! Also, with the Cyclone, you are not hauling all that weight right on the wheels of the mower. By the time you take a 1200 lb. machine, add the front wheel counter weights, add the weight of the Ultravac unit, a 200 lb. rider, then fill it up with wet leaves and grass, combine that with a softer lawn and you will have ruts for sure. With the Cyclone, there is no counter weights, and the material is hauled on a completely seperate unit, not adding to the already heavy mower. Just my .02.
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    I'm trying to make this decision on the Scag ClamShell vs the 3-bag. What is the cyclone rake your referring to?

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