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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jds720, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. jds720

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    I have several customers with very bumpy areas in their St Aug. Is there any way to smooth it out?
  2. RAlmaroad

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    Slowly over time add some rough sand and let the grass come up through it. Again slowly and adding a little spagnum peat to the sand when the grass is dormant will improve the soil. Again slowly over a year and about 1-2" an application. We had a concrete truck to get off the pavement and rut a yard. It took about three applications of the sand to fill them, but can't see the tracks anymore. This took a whole summer.
  3. turfcobob

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    Top dressing is the best way to smooth out rough areas on lawns. Small areas you can do by hand larger areas may need a machine. what you put down depends on what you want to do with the lawn. Sand, sand and soil blend, sand, soil and peat the selections are unlimited. YOu can often rent one from a rental dealer or even rent one from a golf course that has a small one.

    Another way to smooth a lawn is by aerating the devil out of it and dragging in the cores. the cores will break up and fill in the lower spots. This has to be done over time and usually several times to get good results.

    Top dressing and dragging is still the quick wayl See top dressers at Turfco.com

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