Una goose or b and w?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Apr 10, 2014.

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    I found the thread.

    Here is the hitch I built for my F550. I'll have to see if I have a finished picture. The flat work is 3/8". There is a plate 2" bigger than the hexagon shaped piece on top welded on the bottom. The thickness where the ball passes through is 1 1/8". It's never seemed to notice the loads it has carried. Also, the hitch clears the frame's flange by ~1/8-1/4", per design.

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    I use a B&W and am far from kind and gentle to it. Quite a few of my friends use them as well and some are just as rough on them as I am. My biggest complaint about them is that their prep work before powdercoating sucks. Be prepared for the powdercoating to be flaking off on some edges when you open the box. Bonus is that they are made in Kansas, no foreign stuff.

    Some flatbeds you can order without the built in gooseneck and use a frame mounted style like a B&W. If your flatbed is mounted to the truck correctly I wouldn't worry about the hitch being apart of the bed frame/mounts and not strictly mounted to the frame by itself.
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    Dad has a una goose i have a b&w. I prefer the b&w. Just need to move it every once in awhile so it doesn't get packed full of dirt. Still have a couple late 70's pickups with ball mounts similar to lumberjacks except they're welded to the webs. Both will pull way more than the trucks will.

    Edit: I like the rem oil for drilling lube.
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    I had a diamond hitch from blue ox i think it was. It was cheaper than a b&w and you didn't have the lever under the fender. I thought it was very we'll built, good thick steel. I pulled up to 21k with my 2500hd duramax a few times with no issue. Only complaint was the safety chain hooks were kinda small. My f350 has a different hitch I don't know the name, it has a square plate above bed and ball folds over to the side. It seems very stout too and the safety chain hooks are stronger looking.
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