Unacceptable Test for Oil Additives

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AmsoilPower, Oct 14, 2008.

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    For what its worth to anyone interested, read the following tech bulletin from Amsoil. Don't get fooled by this test from different manufacturers.:nono:

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  2. Thanks for the post Hoyt. I see Slick 50 is listed in the article.
    Years ago I bought a case of Slick 50 and put it in every engine I owned. I subsequently blew up every engine I owned. The family car, my truck, all of the small motors on mowing equipment. It nearly put me out of business.
    I had one bottle left. It sat in the garage for years. I couldn't give it away. Especially after I told my story.
    The only thing I learned is that I'm not a chemical engineer. But I already knew that.
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    Back in the 70's they used to sell a "Liquid Graphite Oil". Go figure.
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    This is funny as I watched a Schaffers oil demonstration and was very leary about it but Schaeffers is the only one that would run good on the machine. This was with a big man almost bending the handle trying to get it to stop. All other oils including a popular oil on this site did stop on the wheel. I now use Schaeffers oil because of this. It does have moly in it too which has saved me a time or two. For interesting reading, bobistheoilguy.com has more info too on oils. Schaeffers grease is the only one that I have been able to get that actually attracts itself to the bearing. Not saying all others are bad, just saying for what I have available to me, Schaeffers works best. I don't have deep pockets to try everything out there. Schaeffers seems to be around the same price as Amsoil is too. Call it what you want, but the wheel machine works with Schaeffers.
  5. Phil G

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    Thanks for that posting.
    I've always had a nagging doubt about oil additives. With today's oils it should not be necessary.
    I've got a bottle of Slick50 sitting around unopened. I was going to use it in my 1.9tdi VW. Maybe for now I will leave it sitting there. :)

    atb Phil
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    That one armed Bandit does extremely well with liquid soaps used in it, like shampoo hand soap and dishwashing detergent. Next time you see a guy using of of these to sell his oil ask him why soap does just as good as his oil!!!

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