Unbelievable......Fescue spread in Georgia's August heat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eakern & Dog, Aug 29, 2007.

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    One of my clients uses Scott's for regular chemical treatment. In fact, I recommended them over Trugreen when he asked me for a referral. Two weeks ago, on my last visit, I noticed that his fescue has been aerated and over seeded with fescue. It's August, we have a drought and we had record high temperatures. I go by there yesterday and of course nothing had even remotely germinated. Why on earth would they have over seeded with fescue at his time of the year ? I feel compelled to let my client know this was a bad idea but I recommended Scotts and now I'm irritated at my self for the recommendation. Any thoughts ?
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    This is why I no longer recommend any fert/squirts. I haven't found any of them consistent enough to stake my rep on.

    I had a mowing customer whose app company aerated/seeded last year about this time, on a 95 degree day and again after a really dry period. What's funnier is the home was being remodeled and was gutted and the lawn let go anyway within a few weeks. It's a weedpatch this summer.

    It's impressive what some of these companies get away with out there. Total incompetence or lack of ethics. Take your pick.

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