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    i got a call from this lady on thursday who was interested in some trimming and said she some bald spots on her lawn

    from the adress i was pretty sure this was a town home but because she was about 3 miles from my house i told her id meet with her at 530 on friday and see what we could do

    so i pull up and shes already talking with 2 spanish guys and the bushes were already trimmed so im pretty pissed she didnt know how far i drove not that it mattered i couldve spent a half hour doing anything but that

    so i get out and ask if her name is @@@@ she says yah i got the bushes trimmed and these two guys are bidding on the grass job a freaking 2x2 brown patch lol

    and the two guys were each differnt workers bidding against each other!
    i have never showed up to a house b4 to find another company at all let alone 2 and ive been doing this a long time
    i told her we dont do businness with people like her and not to call again
    i told her alot more actually but this post is getting long
    then i walk over to the other guys i guess i felt bad and they looked as if it was there first day on the job

    i told them if they had to sit here for 10 mins deciding on a price for a 2x2 brown spot that obviously had a chemicle spilled on it then they were in the wrong business not to mention if this customer was gonna CHEAT them on the estimate did they actually expect to get paid
    one of them decided i was right and left but the other guy stayed "poor guy"

    btw neither of these guys had done the trimming wonder what happened to them ? im going to start charging for estimates!
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    You could of went for a "dip" and left her a 10 spot allso.:)
  3. maxkicker

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    lol first laugh of the day thanks

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